Top Cannabis Businesses That Cost Less Than $1000 To Start

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If you want to look into becoming a part of the marijuana industry, you should consider one of the top cannabis businesses that we have listed below that will cost you less than a thousand dollars to start up.

In fact, it is the right time now to advance a business in this particular industry since it is going through enormous growth and many opportunities to consider.

If you wanted to start a cannabis dispensary, it could be quite costly because you would have to find the right location, the right building and an inventory of products to sell.

So, that wouldn't be so cheap for the small business owner. However, there is always a place in the industry for anyone who is creative and social enough to want to make a change.

We have put together several ways to start one of the best cannabis businesses in the industry with less cash. Let us delve in.

Production of Cannabis

Most large companies are good at producing marijuana in large quantities. However, there are consumers who would prefer to buy from smaller companies that grow their products in a closely controlled environment.

And that is where you would come in. You would be growing weed on a smaller scale and personalize it to meet the consumer's needs.

Just start with a few cannabis plants in a controlled space until the business continues to grow. To grow weed, though, you should consider educating yourself first so that you know what to do. For example, you have to be aware of the right conditions required for your cannabis plants to thrive.

You also have to know how you should best care for your plants so they can grow and yield the best harvest. You may or may not need a license, but be sure to find out.

Marijuana Processing

One of the top cannabis businesses that you could consider that will only take a thousand dollars or less is a processing business where you offer marijuana trimming, marijuana processing and marihuana gardening services.

What you might not know is that there is a high demand for plant preparation, planting and extracting skills.

If you have skills with rolling a joint, then that is another service that you could add. In many states, you will need a license to handle weed at certain phases and levels.

Delivering Cannabis Products

Another one of the top cannabis businesses you could consider is delivering marijuana products from a dispensary to the patients who might have placed an order.

Some of these customers are house bound, ill or just don't want to drive all the way to the local dispensary to fill their order. And many dispensaries do not offer transportation or delivery service.

So, this is where you come in and all you need is an enclosed vehicle, which you probably already own. You can also get contracts from local cannabis farms in addition to dispensaries.

Cannabis Edibles

There are many people that like to bake or cook. What better way to use your baking and cooking skills, but to start one of the top cannabis businesses that you can with only a thousand dollars or less.

Cannabis edibles are getting quite popular and will be purchased by consumers who are looking for such products. You could supply edibles to local dispensaries.

You could also include products that are made with cannabis, but not edibles. Such products may include massage oils, marijuana soaps, marijuana lotions, cannabis topical creams, cannabis tinctures and marijuana beauty products.

Selling Accessories

If you have the kind of skills needed to make pipes and bongs; in addition to other accessories, then you could consider this is one of the top cannabis businesses that cost less than a thousand dollars.

You can be even more creative to make cannabis T-shirts with cannabis messages and sell them at cannabis events. There is just so much you can do. Visit dispensaries to get more ideas.

Final Summary

You could also become a 420 party planner or cannabis event planner. You could be a cannabis consultant for less than a thousand dollars.

The cannabis  industry is growing and as it grows, you will find more top cannabis businesses that you can embark on for less financing.

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