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Ever wonder about the top contemporary cannabis jobs to consider? Well you're not alone. In the age of the cannabis industry and its advancement in society, it is safe to say that there has been major growth in the employment section where people are leaving their existing careers and going to start a new one in the cannabis industry.

Many of these cannabis jobs are contemporary and have been created for people with certain skills, education and training.

You can now consider a new career in a growing industry, if you are a doctor, attorney, accountant, journalist, fitness guru, lobbyist and consultant; just to name a few.

Below, there is a list of top contemporary cannabis jobs that many dispensary owners and other businesses in the cannabis industry have created to accommodate people that have been working in another industry for years. Let us begin with the journalist as we dig deeper into the top contemporary cannabis jobs to consider.

Top Contemporary Cannabis Jobs

The Cannabis Journalist

This is one of the cannabis jobs you may not have thought could work in the industry. Now, what on earth would a journalist do for the cannabis industry, you might be asking? Listen, the cannabis industry is great for telling tales and who better to do such as the writer, author and journalist. That is why there are so many cannabis newsletters and magazines going online.

The journalist knows how to capture stories that are factual and engaging. And, the journalist can dispel all the myths that have been floating around about the marijuana plant; taking out the stigma of misinformation. In other words, the journalist can help to make things right again and help to spread the word about the true benefits of marijuana.

Cannabis Human Resources

Every dispensary owner is going to need HR services to hire workers and as the business grows, this is one of the cannabis jobs that will definitely be necessary. Human resources is essential to handle all of the aspects of employment such as the benefits, laws and the paperwork that is needs to be completed so that workers are treated fairly.

The Cannabis Attorney

Another one of the cannabis jobs that carries a lot of importance is the attorney who provides legal services. This job has to be done by a professional that studies the laws and the policies associated with marijuana regulations and know how to handle this ever changing legal terrain.

Every cannabis entrepreneur is required to adhere to all the cannabis laws and regulations and in order to keep pace with the changes, an attorney would be helpful.

The cannabis attorney would help with licensing issues, regulatory compliance, business details, corporate governing and trademark protection. These are some of the reasons a cannabis attorney is one of the top contemporary cannabis jobs to consider.

Cannabis Web Designer

Now that almost everything is going online these days, cannabis-related stuff is no different. For a business to do well online, it is best to have a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. The web designer is the ideal person to do just that.

If you want to reach the right audience on a worldwide level, then a website is necessary so you can generate online sales as well as offline sales. This is one of the cannabis jobs that you should not overlook if you own a legal dispensary.

Cannabis Policy Maker

The cannabis industry needs policy makers that are able to build a consensus on scientific facts and dispel the myths, propaganda and misconceptions associated with special interest groups. The policy maker will be able to help build a sustainable support system that will keep the industry intact. Anyone who has strong beliefs in the marijuana plant could become an advocate and policy maker.

The Cannabis Accountant

If you are a CPA, you can help cannabis businesses with their accounting responsibilities. You could make an impact in the industry by offering your accounting services such as tax management, accountant management, audit protection, bookkeeping and tax preparation.

An accountant is a top contemporary cannabis jobs to consider and has much opportunity especially in an industry with so many banking and financial issues.

The Cannabis Trainer or Instructor

Anyone who wants to apply for cannabis jobs should be aware that training is usually necessary, especially for those who are not familiar with the nuances and laws associated with the industry. If you are knowledgeable about the cannabis industry, the laws and the marijuana plant, you could offer your services as a trainer or instructor.

Final Summary on Contempory Cannabis Jobs

There are other modern cannabis jobs you could consider such as graphic designer, security officer, event planner, consultant and social media guru. In other words, use your current skills, learn more about the cannabis industry through marijuana training and then apply for the cannabis jobs you would qualify for.

These are some of the top contemporary cannabis jobs to consider if you are looking to start a marijuana industry career or business.

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