Top Cannabis Business Ventures To Start From Your Kitchen Table

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Looking for the top cannabis business ventures to start from your kitchen table? If you don't have the money to start a large cannabis business, and you would prefer to do something from your kitchen table, we have listed a few of them that you might not have considered before.

The cannabis industry has so much potential for anyone who is interested in using their expertise, knowledge and skills to make money from the comfort for their own home. You don't need a large facility to make decent money on the cannabis market.

You just need a good imagination and creativity. It is still not legal to sell marijuana in some states, but you could sell accessories that people use with marijuana or you could make and sell beauty products, cosmetics, essential oils and more using CBD found in marijuana. You could also consider offering your services to cannabis business owners.

For example, if you have experience as an attorney, driver, accountant or sales personnel, you could offer those professional services to a dispensary owner, working outside of your home to improve sales, keep the books, maintain legal compliance and offer delivery services. It's time for the Top Cannabis Business Ventures To Start From Your Kitchen Table!

Baking and Selling Edibles

The first thing on our list is baking and selling cannabis edibles that people will love and want to buy, especially if you are good at baking and cooking. You could use CBD instead of THC in your edibles to avoid it being considered illegal. Go ahead and do some experiment with CBD to see the turn out and offer it to local dispensaries so you can test the market first.

The customers will decide whether they want more or not; depending on the sale outcome. Make sure that they are packaged properly and labeled to indicate that these are CBD products.

Cooking Classes

To expound upon that, you could think about offering marijuana cooking classes to people who are interested in making their own edibles or other products that require cooking or baking. During the cooking class, you could give feedback on the outcome of a product and you could benefit from the feedback of others; showing that you are offering the best advice and guidance.

Make sure that you use your creativity by allowing students to make more than just cakes, but also hot sauce, gummy bears, candies and infused beverages. In other words, make the classes as interesting as possible. Teach students how to package the edibles after creating them.

Be aware that you have to follow certain safety and health regulations when making edibles. Do your research.

Cannabis Blogger and Reviewer

If you love the Internet and blogging or writing is something of interest to you, then you could start a cannabis business as a blogger or reviewer.

This could turn out to be bigger than you think. You would be creating your own brand by offering vital information that people are searching for and giving advice as well as relaying your personal experience with weed, if you are a user or advocate. This is one of those businesses that could impact so many lives.

You could start by offering reviews on different cannabis strains or products. Introduce the strain and then talk about its features and your experience with it, if you have used it before. Then, you would give its pros and cons and then write a conclusion. You could also include its benefits, genetics, terminology, geography and history.

Some of the best cannabis blogs for inspiration are and

Cannabis App

If you are a good programmer, then you could consider creating a cannabis app for people to download and use.

You could also create an online platform for pot lovers and users to hang out. There are so many mobile apps online these days, but few are related to the cannabis business and industry. Just try to stand out in the crowd by making yours unique.

The top cannabis business ventures to start from your kitchen table can all be done by you!

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