Real Questions And Answers About The Hemp Plant

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Here we will look at some real questions and answers about the hemp plant.

Like cannabis, the hemp plant is very useful and beneficial for many things. Hemp is also known as cannabis sativa, if you did not yet know.

There are additional plants that are known as hemp. However, cannabis hemp is different and more useful than those other hemp plants. In fact, sativa means useful and hemp means cannabis.

Hemp is considered as any plant that has been considered durable dating back in historic times and has been used for a wide range of purposes.

Fiber is also known to a byproduct of hemp. In fact, hemp has been associated with twine or rope, which is made using the hemp plant. The stalk of the hemp plant is also used to make the rope or twine.

The Durability

Cannabis from the hemp plant is known for its durability and is used to make some of the most durable cloth material such as canvas. During the early days of the shipping industry, canvas was used widely as sail for the ships. At the time, canvas was the only material that would not rot, if it came in contact with the sea water.

Cannabis plant produces several essential products that the hemp plant does not. This includes pulp, seeds and medicine. The pulp from the cannabis plant is used to make paper and as fuel. The seed is used for animal and human food.

The oil that comes from the seed has the ability to be used in the base of varnishes and paint. The medicine is created in tincture form or a mixture of the sticky resin found in the leaves or blossoms of the hemp plant. These are used for a wide range of purposes.

The Word Cannabis

Marijuana or Cannabis came from a slang used in the United States by the Mexicans during the latter part of the 1930s. During that time is when the Reefer Madness Movement took place. The Mexican soldiers were accustomed to smoking marijuana or reefer during that time. In the United States today, hemp has been legalized, which means that you can use the stalk, stems and roots of the cannabis plant.

You won't be arrested, if you wear a hemp shirt or use hemp paper. Marijuana itself is the buds, leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant and in some states; this is not legal for possession.

In some states, possession of the leaves, buds and flowers of the marijuana plant could result in jail time or financial penalty. However, in most states, you can possess the seed and eat it. However, it has to be sterilized so it won't grow to maturity.

Marijuana Possession

Since you cannot grow hemp plant without possessing marijuana, then industrial hemp products must be imported in the United States or substituted by another plant.

You can grow the hemp plant legally. However, you have to complete and application with the DEA, but it is not a certainty that you will receive an approval or permission. Some people still go ahead and produce cannabis on the black market since it has a higher price.

Using Hemp as Food

Hemp can also be used as food. The hemp seed has essential fatty oils and protein. There are a lot of countries that have grown hemp plant to reap its seed for food. Some countries eat the hemp seed as Americans would eat oatmeal. You can use the leaves as fiber, but without experiencing the psychoactive effect. Hemp seeds are void of THC and so you won't get high.

The protein from hemp seed looks similar to the protein found in the blood of human beings. Hemp seed is distinct because it is the only seed that has essential fatty oils without much saturated fat. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can survive on hemp seed without having any foods with saturated fats.

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