Real Reason Craft Marijuana Will Remain Popular

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Many people in the cannabis community and industry feel threatened by major businesses taking over and so, efforts are being made to preserve most of the small marijuana grower's farms throughout the world including Canada, the United States and islands like Jamaica.

Each November, Las Vegas holds a marijuana business conference for those interested in joining the debate and arguing for Craft Marijuana over Big Cannabis. The debate is whether big business is going to take over the green rush and stifle the efforts of small farmers who are into craft marijuana.

The Advocates

Advocates of cannabis are leery about it and are going out of their way to make sure that this does not happen. If you are one of those small farmers or avid user of craft marijuana, then you should join the debate and take action. Advocates and entrepreneurs that cater to small businesses are providing supplies to continue the advocacy of craft marijuana.

Some of these supplies include growing tables, greenhouses and indoor facilities for hydroponic cultivation. In so doing, cannabis production will be heavily maximized. Let us now look at why there will always be a thriving of craft marijuana because of those efforts.

Adapting to Change

It is always been proven that smaller businesses are able to adapt to changes faster than big corporations.

This is especially true since the cannabis business is constantly going through changes and adjustments quicker than even realized. Big companies are going to have a hard time playing catch up since there is so much at stake while small businesses are easier to make the shifts.

High Quality

Right now, in the beer industry, craft beer seems to be doing very well. Why? More people don't mind paying extra to enjoy the higher quality that it provides.

It is the same thing with craft marijuana. Most small growers go for quality instead of quantity. The opposite is true for big business.

The Variety

Most people buy products for convenience and comfort. That is why Burgher King, KFC and McDonalds do so well in the grand scheme of things. And each time that you drink Pepsi, you already know what you are about to taste.

On the other hand, big marijuana could fill the need of infused beverages, but some people want a different taste and that is where niche companies, which are usually small and will come in to fill that need with more variety.

The Passion

Craft marijuana is usually created from a passion, style, imagination and creativity. These products will often flow more from the small farmer or entrepreneur who has a passion for a particular product. Big marijuana companies have that attitude that focus more on mass production rather than considering creativity and passion. Consumers want more. They want to be a part of the reason why a product was created.

Farm Tourism

As it stands, farm tourism is becoming a growing trend. Even wineries are going to lengths to build out into wine products that contain marijuana.

A lot of this is happening in states like California and Colorado. Some dispensaries even give tours where visitors get to see the grow room and experience the steps of trimming weed. Some places offer a VIP package to visitors so they can get more out of the visit than they imagined.

Final Summary

Craft marijuana does not mean that it has to be very small. When a company starts up, there are different steps to be taken and it might take a while to grow the establishment to where you want it.

However, as long as the owners are putting in the work, providing good customer support and experience, consumers will always help to build the foundation of the company. But, when the company becomes large, it is a mistake to forget the consumers that helped to build it.

And that is where some big business makes the mistake.

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