Fun THC Facts That May Make You Smile

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Have you been wondering about THC facts that you may not yet know about? Well, we have put together some fun THC facts that will not only enlighten you, but also make you smile. The legalization of cannabis has been receiving tremendous support from so many Americans and people around the world so much so that its popularity has significantly surged in the last couple of years.

According to a study done by Pew Research Center, the number of Americans that think cannabis should legalize is over 60% and this is almost two times the number that said so in the year 2000. People that use cannabis already knows that it is good and those who use it for medical reasons have seen its benefits firsthand.

Many people that use it recreationally know that it is relaxing and helps to reduce stress. With so much written about weed, THC facts have yet to be discovered and discussed. We have gathered some of the THC facts that you might think is really cool. Let's check them out. 

Getting Smarter

Many people who are avid users of weed think that THC makes them smarter. This is the kind of news or THC facts that will make some people smile. This revelation began in those days when people use to consume reefer illegally. However, with research, we now know that everyone has a natural endocannabinoid system and that THC reacts with it to benefit the brain cell and stimulate its growth. So, you see THC is not all bad as some people might think. In fact, it protects the brain; keeping it from becoming stressed or inflamed. Some scientists are of the belief that THC can encourage neuro-genesis. This means that it helps new brain cells to grow. Contrarily, alcohol and hard drugs suppress the growth of brain cells.

No Overdose

One of the THC facts that we have to address is the idea that some people really think that you can go through an overdose, if you consume weed that has a high potency level. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you smoke so much weed that you are high, then all you need to do is to go take a nap and by the time, you wake up, it is no longer an issue. No one has ever had an overdose by smoking too much weed. It has never happened. And because you won't overdose on weed, you will never die from it either. However, if you consume too much cocaine or heroin, you could have an overdose episode. The DEA has already determined and agreed that there has never been a death from overdose of marijuana. In fact, they wrote a guide to share that determination with the public.

North Korea and Marijuana

One of the most interesting THC facts in our findings is that the government of North Korea does not think cannabis should be considered a drug and for that reason, it is legal in that country. That's right! This is one of the most oppressive countries with dictatorship rule and yet they have legalized weed. How do you explain this? We think that the government has realized what many Americans and others have identified and proven – and that is marijuana has a lot of benefits.

Tupac Shakur

If you don't know who Tupac Shakur is, he is a rapper known for some really deep music. Unfortunately, he lost his life from gun violence. However, while alive, he was known for his love for weed. Many say, he would always smoke weed that had a high level of potency. This is one of the THC facts that might make some smile.

U.S. Presidents

One of the THC facts that might make you smile is the fact that roughly eight Presidents of the United States smoked marijuana at some point in their lives or the other. Some of them actually confessed that they did. These include John F. Kennedy who is said to have used it to help deal with back pain. Bill Clinton admitted to experimenting when he was in England. Barack Obama said he did it in college for a short time. While he was young, George Bush said he also tried it.

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