Top Benefits of CBD & THC Strains for Pain

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CBD strains are said to be good for the treatment of pain; both when you use it by itself and when it is combined with THC. When CBD is used by itself, it is ideal to treat inflammatory pain caused by injury or arthritis. In one study done with animals with arthritis pain, it was discovered that CBD topical application resulted in the reduction of pain and inflammation. A second study on animals discovered that CBD aids in the reduction of neuropathic pain by suppressing chronic inflammation.

The Effect

CBD is not able to bind directly to the endocannabinoid system receptors. However, it modulates the effect of natural cannabinoids that our bodies carry, which are called endocannabinoids. It also operates as the CB1 receptor opponent. The primary mechanism that CBD aids in mediating pain is by the reduction of inflammation. It blocks the inflammatory mediators; potentiating the glycine receptors and helping with the regulation of the hurt at its spinal level. In so doing the inflammatory and neuropathic pain is suppressed.

THC Strains

THC strains are highly psychoactive, but also able to treat various types of hurt. When used in a clinical setting, it treats hurt considerably, helping to relieve the neuropathic and central areas where the pain is the most stronger. It is used to also help with the reduction of pain caused by AIDS, fibromyalgia and cancer. THC reacts partially as a CB1 receptor opponent. This means it has the ability to bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, but not wholeheartedly and for that reason, it results in the presence of other antagonists, CB1 agonists or both. It has a significant impact on the glutamatergic and dopaminergic systems. And so, it will greatly reduce the pain when this happens. In addition, THC has been proven to act like an anti-inflammatory agent.

The Top Strains

When you are doing a search for the top CBD strains and THC strains for reducing or relieving pain, you should consider the amount of THC and CBD that can be found in the strain. Typically, you will get the most relieve from cannabis strains that have large amounts of THC and CBD combined or a high THC and CBD ratio. In such case, the CBD will mediate the side effects or the high that you would get from the THC. In so doing, the CBD will also provide additional analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to further relieve the pain.

There are specific times when you might prefer to feel the effects of more powerful THC Strains or CBD strains. For example, if you were suffering from inflammation and the pain was too much to bear and you had things to do in your daily life and didn't want to feel the psychoactive effects of the THC, you would want to have a higher CBD ratio and lower THC content in your strain. So, in other words, you could get relief without feeling the high. In another circumstance where you might want to forget about the hurt altogether, you might prefer to have a higher level of THC.

Final Thoughts

There are several things to consider in addition to the CBD and THC percentage. You have to buy the right type of marijuana. This will come from the sativa, indica or hybrid strain, which is a combination of the sativa and indica strain. Many people swear by the indica strain to deliver the most effective properties for pain relief, sedation and sleep. If you are feeling pain, you might want to consider starting with the CBD oil, but make sure you choose one from a reputable company.

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