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The top marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco, CA are some very exciting stores to visit for the cannabis seekers out there. In the city of San Francisco, marijuana dispensaries have opened up a dime a dozen since weed was legalized in the state of California. However, initially, these marijuana dispensaries could only sell medical marijuana until the recreational side of things opened up.

If you are seeking variety, then you might want to look at hash oil, buds, edibles, flowers, concentrates and vapes; just to name a few. In the state of California, there are lounges, farm tours, bowl boutiques and marijuana dispensaries visited by locals and tourists alike.

We have found a few of the top marijuana dispensaries in the area that you should visit while you are in the city of San Francisco. You will always leave satisfied.  Let's take a look at some of the top marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco, CA.

Urban Pharm Soma

Urban Pharm Soma is one of the marijuana dispensaries where you can actually smoke pot on the premises. They have a dab bar inside and an open flame that permits patrons to use their newly bought fire sativa. On Tuesday nights, there is a comedy show. And they do sell edibles that you can eat onsite too. The company has been listed at the top of the list of themed marijuana club in the High Times Magazine.

Magnolia Wellness Oakland

If you are looking for a cool vapor lounge or dab bar, then you should think about visiting the Magnolia Wellness Oakland where the staff is knowledgeable about all the products on the menu. Onsite is a showroom where classes and wellness counseling takes place along with social events and where support groups meet on a weekly basis. Every month, they have a farmer's market where top cultivators come to demonstrate their wares and provide discounts and deals to customers. You can find some unique products such as gel pens and CBD lozenges.

Sparc SoMa and Haight

Sparc SoMa and Haight looks like a place where techies meet. It could well be one of those Apple stores that cater to the geniuses. In fact, they have a Genius Bar on premises. Most of their products have gone through rigorous lab testing for potency and purity. The menu of products is extensive and that staff is knowledgeable. This is one of the marijuana dispensaries that you would definitely love, if you are looking for unique strains, home grown flowers and other distinct products. You won't be able to smoke onsite, but they do have a vape lounge where you can use your vape pen. The company offers online purchasing and delivery service.


If you wanted to use advanced technology to look at your buds, then this is one of the marijuana dispensaries that offers this. Medithrive is equipped with a camera, which has macro lens showing flowers on an optimized monitor. It is a cool experience for visitors. The company also has a menu filled with health and wellness products made from marijuana.

Barbary Coast Collective

One of the top marijuana dispensaries is also Barbary Coast Collective, which is similar to many of the coffee shops in Amsterdam, Holland. The place is set up like a bar with a lot of glamour. You can purchase any dabbing, smoking and vaping products. It is important for you to register before you go in and then wait in the line. You can sign up for their rewards program and also place your order at the front counter. There is a lounge at the back to hang out, but you are served by another host or hostess. There are four large televisions in the lounge along with leather booths and chandeliers. This truly offers an adventurous experience.

The Apothecarium

The Apothecarium is one of the three marijuana dispensaries owned by the company throughout the city of San Francisco. It has a stylish lobby that looks like a fancy boutique hotel. If you are looking to speak to a budtender one on one, this is the ideal place to go. You will get our questions answered and given some good suggestions and advice.

Final Summary

Other top marijuana dispensaries to visit in San Francisco are Bloom Room Soma with its mellow atmosphere, Harvest on Geary, The Green Cross, and Grass Roots. You will be happy you did!

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