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If you wanted to celebrate your favorite marijuana plant, a trip to Jamaica or Amsterdam is no longer the status quo as there are many other 420 destinations available. You can also opt for cannabis event celebrations in various top locations.

These prime locations have been handpicked by us and you will definitely enjoy every moment of your trip. However, bear in mind that not all of these countries have legalized marijuana. Many of them have decriminalized marijuana or have not enforced laws against it. However, these top locations for cannabis event celebrations are safer than other countries that we researched. Let's take a look at them.

Lavender Sand at Pfeiffer Beach, California

In Pfeiffer Beach, California, Lavender Sand gets its name from its purple sand. This is another unique geological feature that will make you wonder. You should expect to relax on the sand for hours while smoking your pipe. This is one of the top locations for cannabis event celebrations by yourself or with friends. And more importantly, weed possession is legal in California. The best time to go to this location is right after there is a shower of rain. The purple would show up more after it rains.

Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru

Nothing will make you ready for the colorful view that you would see when you go to a country that is proud of its mountains. It is a breathtaking experience. If you were to take one day trip from Cusco in Peru to the Rainbow Mountains located in the Andes, you would see what we are talking about. This site was once an important worship spot for the Inca tribe.

Rainbow Mountain was discovered by visiting tourists about two years ago while hiking. If you want to smoke weed and get high, this is the perfect place to be, but make sure the weather is good. In addition, Peru is a 420 favorite location because of its recent legalization of medical marijuana and cannabis cultivation. Yes, so this is one of the top locations for cannabis event celebrations, if you want to celebrate with friends or alone.

Blue Lagoon, Malta

You might have heard about Blue Lagoon by the well known movie. Today, the Blue Lagoon is different. Located in the Mediterranean, the water is crisp and sunshine is vibrant. You can relax on this Comino Island and smoke as much weed as you want. Yes, you can even plan your own cannabis event celebrations with a group of friends and enjoy the effervescent blue water.

The San Juan Islands, Washington State

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were to wake up on the beach and see a baby orca and its mother waving to you? That would be really cool. The San Juan Islands offers this phenomenon that is really nice to enjoy if you are on one of those cannabis event celebrations. This place is where Sea World received its killer whales from. If you have access to a bicycle, you can island hop and meet the island hippies who prefer to grow their own food. Some of them will organize the best parties for summer solstice and you can bet there will be a lot of weed to smoke. June is the best month to go.

Sisteron, France

When it comes to going to France, many people think about two cities; Provence and Paris. Both cities are really cool and both of them have amazing croissants. However, if you want to really appreciate nature in all its beauty, then you would have to go to the secluded areas of France; between Le Drome. If you wanted to go on a summer vacation, then France would be the place.

The area is well known for cycling and rock climbing. You could easily spend an entire day relaxing on one of the rivers in Sisteron and marvel at the historical buildings in this old medieval city. This is one of the places where you can have a cannabis event celebration.

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