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Knowing the top online promotional methods for cannabis products will take your company to the next level. By now, you must have noticed that the ‘green rush' is growing in leaps and bounds as the cannabis market expands and more cannabis products are introduced to the marketplace. In fact, there have been more marijuana companies that have become publicly traded.

Yes, the marijuana industry is capitalizing on the leverage and making strategic moves to maintaining and improving the wave and trending. It is an exciting time to be in the cannabis industry.

The Setback

One setback though is that many companies are not using the top online promotional methods for advancing their cannabis products. What are you doing as a cannabis business owner to enhance your company? When you are considering the promotion of your cannabis products online, you have to think about the regulations, laws and restrictions that are in place and any limitations that you have to face.

Let us look at some of the key guidelines of reaching an online audience with your marijuana business without the potential of getting in trouble legally. Each state has its own restrictions to digital advertising of cannabis products. As the various states legalized weed, they also had regulations as it pertained to marketing and advertising.

So, you have to know the rules of the game. It would be wise to check with the state you live in before you embark on any promotion of your cannabis products. Some of the states that DO NOT have any restrictions as it relates to digital promotion, marketing and advertising are Arkansas, West Virginia, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Alaska, Vermont, Rhode Island, Michigan and Maryland.

The World Wide Web

Not because the World Wide Web is so open to many potentials of starting an online business should you think that cannabis products would not be deemed illegal by the feds and so if you live in a certain state and trying to promote locally, globally or nationally, you might come upon some problems. Many of the advertising companies online such as Facebook or Google Adwords do not use marijuana laws to set their own policies. And so, it is your responsibility to be aware what your state requires.

You don't want to be running an ad campaign without checking on the policies and marijuana regulations in your state; only to see your ad campaign shut down for promoting a Schedule 1 drug according to the feds. And so until the federal government accepts marijuana, you have to be creative in promoting and selling your cannabis products on the Internet. Here are a few guidelines to start.

Search Engine Optimization

You might not want to start out with Google Adwords or Facebook to get traffic driven to your website because of possible restrictions on promoting cannabis products. Instead, you should place emphasis on search engine optimization. Develop a SEO strategy with popular keywords and use those keywords to create your website so that your target audience will find you when they are searching for those keywords or keyword phrases in the main search engines. This improves your chances of being found by the right people looking for cannabis products.

Packaging and Branding

With any company, branding is so important, whether you are selling cannabis products or furniture. Packaging is also essential to the bottom line. In fact, state and federal regulations dictate that companies package their products in a certain way. Your target audience will detect your cannabis products by your packaging and how you brand your company.

Mobile Apps and Social Media

Using a locator app and using social media are also two ways to promote your cannabis products to your local community and to your social media followers too. Lastly, you could consider relocating to where your target audience lives and where you can promote your cannabis products where marijuana is legal.

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