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Currently, there are more than 4 million medical marijuana patients located in the United States. There are also several states including the District of Columbia in which medical cannabis has been passed legislatively.

As this herb becomes more accepted, the demand is growing and more information is being provided through medical cannabis books so that both patients and laypersons can understand the proven research and the industry at large. You no longer have to continue being curious about marijuana or trying it for recreational or medical use.

The books listed below have enough details for you to understand clearly. Below, we have pulled four medical cannabis books that will deliver the goods.

Medical Cannabis, Koehler Books

The Medical Cannabis book published by Koehler Books is from a medical doctor's insight. It is a guide that focuses on educating both caregivers and patients about their serious illnesses. It was also written for legislators and physicians as well.

The author of the book is Michael H. Moskowitz. He is a psychiatrist from San Rafael that specializes in chronic pain. His book is 223 pages long and it explains the complicated scientific and legal history of marijuana. The book also provides instructions on how you should use the plant as a medical patient.

Cannabis Pharmacy, 2017 Revised Edition

The Cannabis Pharmacy is a revised edition published by Black Dog and Levanthal Publishers.  The author of this book is Michael Backes who wrote this book as a reference and guide to medical cannabis. The guide is practical enough for the layperson to understand even though; it has a lot of research and overview.

However, this book is different as it is a reference section that has in-depth description on more than fifty marijuana strains with information about their aroma, effect, taste and the medical conditions that are treated by these strains. You can tell that this medical cannabis book was well researched and well written.

Cannabis for Seniors

Cannabis for Seniors is an education book that targets older patients, informing them about the benefits of marijuana. The book was authored by Beverly Potter with doctoral education in counseling psychology that she got from the Stanford University. Potter, in her professional experience believes that seniors have a fear about medical cannabis because many of them have never used it. They don't want to lose control, if they have to use it. The book is 205 pages and offers the basics of medical marijuana to caregivers and seniors. It describes dosage, how weed can be used to improve sleep and the differences in various consumption methods.

Chronic Relief

Chronic Relief is a medical cannabis book written by NIshi Whitley. It sells for under $20 and is partly a cookbook and partly a personal story. It is designed for patients who are chronically or terminally ill. NIshi is also a marketing and business consultant and became a marijuana advocate after her mom was battling lung cancer for years. The book is 333 pages long. It provides the story of her mother's terminal illness as well as cannabis infused recipes she used. It also leads into the science, history and uses of the marijuana plant as a medicine.

Cannabis Manifesto

Another medical cannabis book is ‘The Cannabis Manifesto.' It is one that gives the reader a call to action. It gives details on the relationship between marijuana and humans and how this healing plant is used in a positive way. The book is written by Steve DeAngelo who is founder of a large medical marijuana dispensary. This book provides a compelling revelation about the use of marijuana for wellness and why it should be globally legalized to help people. The book answers questions about marijuana and discusses the law and science of the plant, showing its many benefits.

Ed Rosenthal Cannabis Books

For more cannabis books on everything from how to grow cannabis to cannabis extractions and strains for medical purposes, check out Ed Rosenthal and his many marijuana books.

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