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Here we will take a look at some of the best practices for cannabis retail hiring. Most people describe it as the “green rush” as the cannabis industry takes off in the state of California and elsewhere.

In fact, the marketplace in that state is already one of the largest across the nation. The state is getting ready to evolve and grow even much more. And do you know what that mean? It means that there will be more cannabis jobs and business owners will be doing more cannabis retail hiring as well.

Other sections of the industry will benefit in more jobs such as cannabis grow operations, ad agencies, deliver services, and manufacturers; just to name a few. But in any event, the cannabis retail market has seen the most hiring process. And just in case you don't know this already, the cannabis retail hiring spree is overflowing to other industries too such as restaurants.

The Dispensary Worker

Retailers are the main marijuana ambassadors to the growing industry and that is why employment in dispensaries is at an all time high. However, dispensary owners must be ready for the influx because there is going to be a lot of resumes to inspect and that is why an HR department is going to be so important.

And even more importantly, it is important to find the best candidates for the job and hire the ideal employee. When you work in a marijuana dispensary, it is not just standing behind a counter or register. You have to interact with the consumer in more ways than one.

It is not about stocking the shelves or knowing the names on the labels. It is about being able to inform consumers about a certain product, which means that you have to know it well enough to sell it and you must have the right sales pitch as well. There are also other things to consider, which we will cover below.

The Brand Requirements

You have to be a brand ambassador, if you are going to work in cannabis retail. So, the dispensary owner who is looking for any kind of employee, but especially retail must seek brand ambassadors. You have to find someone who is very passionate about marijuana and its benefits to human beings.

You also need people who are particularly sensitive when it comes to the differences between those who seek cannabis for recreational use and medical use.

And customer service is extremely vital in cannabis retail. So make sure that the prospective employee has experience in that area. There will be a lot of customer interaction; no matter if you are assigned to rolling joints or dealing with inventory. The employee must be friendly and have an outgoing personality.

The Outlook

Anyone working in cannabis retail must treat the dispensary with class and respect. In fact, they should treat it like a winery where customers go in and expect to learn more about the wine collection and leave with a bottle or bottles of wine that was pitched to them by the sales person. The employee must be honest and be able to win the customer over and give them a different outlook on things that they are unsure about.

You must make the customer feel happy and pleased that they chose your dispensary. There are customers who will walk into the dispensary without a clue about the difference between hybrid, sativa and indica. It is the cannabis retail employee that should inform and educate in layman terms, of course. The employee should be able to let the newbie feel at ease and make the avid user feel as if they have learned something new, which means that they have to be fluent in THC, CBD and terpenes.

Marijuana Training Programs

The cannabis retail job is going to require some form of training. If you are the employee looking for such a marijuana job, it would do you good to land the job, if you already have training. If you do not have cannabis training, but you are a quick learner and eager to learn, then the employer should invest in a good employee by providing cannabis training.

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