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Cannabis products in the technology market are flooding to the marketplace in droves; filling up shelves and being categorized in niches. Many consumers are exploring them to see whether or not, they are right for them. Some of these special devices include breathalyzers, metered dosage, medical humidors and cannabis flower analyzer; among many others.

We have put together several of the top cannabis products that are embracing the marketplace and giving consumers new ideas. Let's take a look at some of the top cannabis products in the technology market.

Top Cannabis Products In The Technology Market

Resolve Digital Health

Resolve Digital Health is the company run by Rob Adelson who is the CEO and responsible for creating the Cannabis Pod Vaporizor. The company is based in the city of Toronto, Canada. This is one of the cannabis products that have been in the development stages now for three years before being brought to the market.

This is one of the devices that is used with the single Smartpods where the effect and the dosage is tracked by the caregiver and the patient. The company launched in 2019.

Lobo Genetics

Lobo Genetics has also come onto the technology market with thei cannabis products. This company is also located in the city of Toronto, Canada and founded by the CEO, Paul Lem. The proprietary product is the DNA analysis where a swab is used in the mouth to analyze how someone metabolizes THC. Their launch date is also 2019.


The Wisp disposable vaporizer is one of the cannabis products developed by CannaKorp, which is a company based in Boston and run by Jonathan Danforth. The device is simple, easy to use, pod based and intuitive and it gives the user a smooth smoking experience.

This is one of the cannabis products that came onto the technology market in 2016 with more than seven and a half million dollars in funding.


One of the cannabis products that are new on the technology market and worth mentioning is the one created by tCheck, which was founded by Peichen Chang who is also the CEO of the company. The device helps the user to get a better understanding of the level of potency for homemade edibles.

This is a handheld device that is easy to use with UV spectrometry. It establishes the levels of THC and CBD in concentrates, butter and infused oil. The full launch of this product took place in 2018; after it was updated to include a wireless transmission that can be used with a mobile app and Bluetooth.

Syqe Medical

Perry Davidson heads up Syqe Medical as CEO of the company. One of the cannabis products that you might see on the technology market is their cannabis inhaler. The company is headquartered out of Tel Aviv, Israel and is dominant in the marketplace as frontrunner to these cannabis products.

The device is metered to determine the dosage and it has 75 cartridges able to provide consistency in the dosage each time that 100mg is inhaled. This device has been used for clinical trials on three different occasions and is about ot hit the market in North America in 2019. The cannabis inhaler from Syqe Medical is one of the top cannabis products in the technology market.

Corsica Innovations

If you have a hydroponic operation and you are in need of a smart grow box, check out Corsica Innovations, which has one of the most innovative cannabis products for growing weed in a hydroponic lab, called Leaf. Jonathan Ofir is the CEO and founder of Corsica Innovations.

The device uses a plug and plant system that grows marijuana and was developed after receiving funding in the amount of four and a half million dollars. You can manage the device through mobile app and Bluetooth. The product comes on the market in 2019.

That's a look at some of the top cannabis products in the technology market. Be sure to check out more cannabis reports for your cannabis news and updates!

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