Budtender Habits That Should Be Mandatory

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We believe there are budtender habits that should be mandatory in every cannabis dispensary. In every marijuana dispensary, there is a budtender. However, the budtender habits have to be such that it is geared toward stellar customer satisfaction and service. The owner has to hire someone with a lot of customer service experience and someone who knows a lot about cannabis strains, edibles and other products; whether recreational or medical.

The budtender habits should be that of being helpful in every way and being compassionate. The person should have a positive attitude and know how to make the customer feel comfortable and relaxed. The person should also know enough about the state’s marijuana laws to function in an environment where compliance and regulations are mandatory. Let us take a closer look at some budtender habits that are essential to carry out the job well.

What Consumers Think

If you asked most consumers what they thought about the budtender habits after visiting a dispensary, they might go directly to the customer service aspect and how effective it was. That is true because every customer wants to feel special. A customer walking into a cannabis dispensary wants to have an experience that is different than the norm. The first thing on the list is knowledge of the product. The customer appreciates a budtender that knows exactly what he or she is talking about. The person has to be also friendly and patient; waiting on the customer to make up their minds.

Taking Care of Customer Needs

One of the budtender facts to take notice of is someone who knows the inventory in the store. The person should also be able to explain all the traits of the product without flinching. When showing a particular product to the customer, one of the budtender habits is to practice safety precautions by not touching the product without gloves and showing good hygiene. Customers will love this. In other words, the budtender should know how to handle the product well and interact with customer without being easily distracted.

The Relationship

Budtender habits should also be geared towards building a relationship with the consumer and patient. While the person might get an influx of customers throughout his or her shift, it is important to stay focused and deal with each person one at a time. The customer must trust and rely on the expertise of the budtender in order to build a good relationship that will last. When the customer leaves the cannabis dispensary, the customer must feel as if their time and money was well worth it. And, more importantly, the customer must remember the budtender the next time there is a purchase. So, it goes without saying that staff should go out of their way to make the customer feel important so that when they walk out the door, they can recommend the store.

Passion for Cannabis

One of the budtender habits that need mentioning is a passion for cannabis. Yes, the person must be passionate about weed; not per se to consume it, but enough to be able to make suggestions and explain certain things to the customer. A customer is supposed to be impressed with the service provided and with the fact that a staff is knowledgeable and loves what they do for a living.  The person must have knowledge of the influencers in the industry, different annual cannabis events, and specific holidays and detailed enough to be considered a credible and reliable source.

Cannabis Training University Budtender Certification Program

Anyone looking for a budtender job should enroll for budtender training online at CTU. CTU provides the industry best budtender certification program for budtender jobs and for cannabis dispensary owners to train their employees with.

Final Summary

The budtender should modify service to fit all experience levels. Remember that each customer has varying degree of experience with cannabis. And so, when you are explaining something to a newbie, it would be different language used in comparison to doing the same to an avid user. And that is why one of the most important budtender habits is patience.

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