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Central Remedies, South LA is one of California's best dispensaries in 2019. Weed has become one of the most popular natural pain relievers in this modern age. Patients looking for pain relief can be able to get it by simply partaking of the best weed products. This natural medication is free from the negative side effects usually associated with traditional medicine and is, therefore, becoming a popular alternative.

To ensure that best medical potency, it is recommended that patients seek high quality medical marijuana products; Central Remedies is one of the best California pot shops offering a wide range of high quality weed products to their treasured customers.


Central Remedies is located in South LA, at 5712 Central Avenue right between Slauson and 57th. Being among the best dispensaries California, patients can be served every day of the week from eight in the morning to midnight when it closes. Inside the store, customers will find a neat arrangement of their impressive stock offering on dust free shelves and displays.


To help you find your preferred medical marijuana products, Central Remedies employs a team of young, knowledgeable and polite staff. Whether it is your first time buying medical marijuana products as a beginner or have extensive experience in its use, the knowledgeable staff serving you will be on hand to point out what you should consider or exactly what you are looking for respectively. All patients visiting Central remedies will no doubt testify to the fact that it is one of the best weed shops California after being served politely and courteously all through the purchase process.


Central Remedies offers a huge variety of medical marijuana products to their customers. As one of the top California marijuana dispensaries, their aim is to satisfy the different needs of their varied customer base. Patients will find a great mix of high quality hybrid and indica strains to suit their tastes. Their marijuana products offering include tasty edibles that include a variety of drinks; pre rolls and concentrates. Customers can be sure to find their favorite marijuana strains and products in their preferred form.

Best Deals

To ensure that you get the necessary quantity of medical marijuana even on a fixed budget, Central Remedies offers some sweet deals to all their customers. First time patients get a pre roll, papers, lighter and grinder. To ensure that you can afford the mind blowing top shelf products available, they also offer great deals on all their top shelf products. Just like other top cannabis dispensaries in California, Central Remedies also offers daily deals to all their customers through their happy hour deals that run from two to five in the afternoon. Enjoy top quality weed products at a fraction of the price for the best value.

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