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If you are looking for marijuana rosin, which are extracts made from cannabis and you want to find the ones that are more potent, pure and affordable, then you should be aware of the benefits. In the most recent years, marijuana rosin has enjoyed a lot of popularity, especially among marijuana patients and avid users alike.

It features some sticky substance, much like sap. It is also rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. When marijuana rosin is made the right way, it can compete with any marijuana extracts that you would find on the market today. Some people even say that in the future, rosin will be the ‘go to' cannabis concentrate. Let us now take a look at the great benefits that weed rosin provides and touch on exactly what rosin really is.

The Rosin Factor

Cannabis rosin is the process of extraction where pressure and heat is applied to make hash oil that is without any solvent. This SHO technique is able to produce a high level of resin rich in cannabinoid and terpenes. You can use a hair straightener at home to make this rosin. However, it is best to use the appropriate equipment for safety, but more for the highest quality product.

Therefore, it is best to consider a rosin press since it is more precise than the hair straightener. The rosin press applies the correct amount of pressure and heat to get the best quality terpenes and cannabinoids.

No Residuals

Cannabis rosin might look almost identical to similar marijuana concentrates such as BHO, but there is a major difference. It is entirely solventless, which means there is no risk of having residue in the end product.

It produces pure medical cannabis concentrate. On the other hand, Butane is harsh because of the solvent found in it. Marijuana rosin is potent, but clean when it is properly extracted. However, both Butane and Rosin are potent. Selecting marijuana rosin, if you are a medical patient is the right choice since it is so powerful, clean, pure and without residuals.

Safer Production

Marijuana rosin is safer than other concentrates to produce. However, if you are going to make cannabis extract using the butane method, it is recommended that you take extreme precautions. Why?

Well, Butane is known to be prone to explosion and highly combustible as well as volatile. It is best for an expert to tackle the production of butane hash oil. Unfortunately, there are people who have had accidents pertaining to amateur production of BHO (Butane Hash Oil).

Avoiding the Risk

When using the cannabis rosin method, it means that you will be able to avoid all the risks that come with making Butane Hash Oil. It is so simple to produce as long as you have the right equipment. The process is quite efficient and it can be made in a single day with amazing results. In fact, this is the best method for caregivers and new labs to undertake compared to using the closed-loop technique.

The Cost

Marijuana rosin is less expensive to produce than Butane Hash Oil. In fact, it is surprisingly cheaper than extractions done using solvent. In fact, the closed loop extraction of Butane Hash Oil could cost as much as $200,000 or even more and this is only the startup cost. The cost of production is an added expense.

The Potency

Marijuana rosin is very concentrated, which means that its level of potency is high. Reports have suggested that marijuana rosin could have up to seventy percent in THC content. The flower is roughly thirty percent in THC content. Therefore, the impact of rosin is much higher and powerful. In addition, marijuana rosin acts faster when consumed than Butane Hash Oil.

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