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Pot Vaporizers
Top Selling Pot Vaporizers

Pot vaporizers have become quite popular over years. These portable vaporizers are becoming more technologically advanced as competitors try to outdo each other. There are some to top selling pot vaporizers that needs mentioning. These were chosen by performance, price, quality and convenience. And of course, by how many people had good feedback about these pot vaporizers. Let's look more closely at them.

V2Pro Series 7 Vaporizer

The V2Pro Series 7 Vaporizer is one of the best pot vaporizers on the cannabis market. This is one of the ideal vaporizers for hash oil, concentrates and dry herb. If you bought pot vaporizers for under $130, you would lose out on the quality, sturdiness and convenience. If you are going to invest in one of the best pot vaporizers, then it is better to spend the money for quality. This vaporizer is usually $169, but recently, the price has reduced to $129.99, that is close to $130.

This cannabis product is good for dry herb, oils and waxes. It is very versatile. Despite its small size, the V2Pro vaporizer has a lot of great features and so offers better performance and versatility. Its 1800mah battery works well with the 2.4ml tank. You can have hours of continuous use. Due to its small size, it is easy to carry around. the mouthpiece has the right size and the button carefully placed so there is no rattling.

Matrix Vaporizer

The Matrix Vaporizer is also another one of the top selling pot vaporizers that packs a punch when it comes to performance. It is affordable and offers good value. It is used with dry herb, giving off vapor that is clean and smooth. The chamber can be swapped out for one that you can use with hash oil or other oil concentrates. It is simple to operate and maintain.

G Pen Elite

The G Pen has an amazing design, boasting an LCD screen, which shows the existing temperature and the battery power that remains so you can know to charge it. This is one of the pot vaporizers that performs between 200F and 428F, reaching a temperature of 375F in as little as thirty seconds. It is so easy to use. You just charge the batter, then fill up the chamber, press the power button five times to turn it on and start enjoying the experience. To get the best use of this vape pen, use when it is between 325F and 375F temperature. This is especially so when you have to take longer puffs. In terms of performance, vape quality and design, the G Pen Elite gets an A plus.

Orbit Vaporizer

Orbit vaporizer is one of the opt pot vaporizers that is the cheapest. It is small in size and it only operates with dry herb and not hash oil. The vapor quality is of the highest level and so is the durability, even despite its small size. it is easy to maintain and also to clean. The fast time it takes to be heated up is also mentionable. If you only have a few hundred dollars to spend, then the Orbit Vaporizer would be a great choice.

Magic Flaunt Light Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the very popular pot vaporizers that should be mentioned. Why? Well, this one is handcrafted using wood. You may not have the same vapor quality as the others, but this one is still good enough to give you a nice, clean smoking experience.

Pax 2

The Pax 2 is newly released and is already getting good reviews online. It is really very compact and the vapor production is major as well as the taste and the easy way that it can be used and cleaned. In addition, it can hold a lot of dry herb. It is definitely worth the price.

Pinnacle Pro

The Pinnacle Pro is another one of our top pot vaporizers that vaporizes dry herb. It is about five inches long and one inch in circumference. So, it is small enough to be labeled a portable vaporizer. In fact, it looks like a big sharpie marker. It may be a little overpriced, though, but sturdy enough to last for a long time. Check out the head shops to learn more.

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