Best Way To Hide The Smell When You Are Smoking Weed

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There are some good ways that you can hide the smell while you are smoking weed and not many people really stop to think about this. If you have never heard about the ‘sploof,' you are about to find out what it is and more importantly, you can make it for yourself. Let's explain more about the sploof.

The Sploof

The sploof could be explained as something similar to a muffler on a vehicle. If you own a car, for example, you might already know how it sounds to have a faulty muffler. It makes a lot of noise, if you don't already know. In fact, a car with a faulty muffler can be heard coming towards you a mile away. The reason why it is important to have a functioning muffler is that it lets the sound waves go through a set of tubes that are perforated or pierced. The piercing reflects the sound waves so that they are cancelled out; making the sound of the engine undetectable to anyone who is not inside the car. That is exactly how the sploof works when you are smoking weed and don't want anyone to smell it. Rather than releasing the marijuana smoke from the bong or joint that you are smoking, you would exhale it through that same sploof and not into the air. The smoke will pass through an internal filtering agent and that is where it will lose its smell. Don't worry, it is not as complicated as it might seem.

Making A Sploof

Yes, you can make a sploof for yourself. If you cannot make one, there are always places where you can buy them. You can use items around your house to make one. Or you can go to a nearby hardware store. Everything will depend on your particular needs, your budget and the length of time you would want the sploof to last you. All of them are built using the same standard principles, which includes an enclosed tube that has holes at both ends and it must be filled with some type of filtering agent.

The Filtering Agent

Use dryer sheets as your filtering agent. These are easy to get and much cheaper. There is a good chance that you might already have dryer sheets in your laundry room and you don't have to buy any; saving you money right from the start. Dryer sheets are the best since they already smell good and have the kind of smell that will diffuse the smell that comes from smoking weed. In addition, the dryer sheet has a thick material that can be used to trap molecules resulting from smoking weed. Next, you should get some activated charcoal.

Activated Charcoal

The activated charcoal has active carbon and is one of the most ideal gas that can filter odors caused by smoking weed. And more importantly, the pieces of activated charcoal are highly porous and easy to absorb smell. Go to a pet store to purchase the activate charcoal, if you don't have any. It is something that can also be used for aquarium filters and that is why you would get it in a pet store.

Toilet Paper

The cardboard or tube in the middle of the toilet paper is good to complete the creation of your sploof. ┬áPut a few dryer sheets inside the tube – about three or four pieces. Don't pack them too tightly. Spread them out so they fill the inside of the tube. Cover up one end of the tube using one dryer sheet; folding it over so that it is fully covered and secured with rubber band, tape or a string. Now, you are ready to smoke. Now, you see how easy smoking weed can be while trying to avoid the smell.

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