Meet The Youngest Cannabis Dispensary Owner In The United States

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As it stands right now, meet the youngest cannabis dispensary owner in the United States, Hope Wiseman. She was born in the state of Maryland (Prince George's County) and is passionate about many things including her community. Hope went to Spelman College from where she graduated with a Bachelor in Economics degree.

Hope Wiseman has become a trailblazer for African American women who want to enter the medical cannabis market. That is how she started out in the cannabis industry until she decided to take it a step further by opening up a cannabis dispensary known as Mary & Main.

How did Hope Wiseman become so interested in cannabis? Well, she co-founded Alma Mater's Habitat for Humanity, a chapter in the state of Maryland. As she took the road to becoming an entrepreneur, this co-founded venture helped her to be more resilient. She spent one year at the Sun Trust Bank, working as Equity Institutional Sales Analyst.

It was then that she made the decision to strive for more. Her financial background in the banking industry allowed her to open the cannabis dispensary known as Mary & Main. Before, she changed the name of the company to its current name, it was known as Compassionate Herbal Alternative. The vision was to create an opportunity where minorities affected by drugs could find an alternative solution. Her goal was to provide minorities with high-quality products while she offered a comfortable and compassionate experience to medical patients who struggle with chronic and debilitating conditions.

Cannabis has already been proven by many to be an amazing alternative to several prescribed medicines. For one, cannabis does not have side effects nor does it have toxic chemicals like prescribed medications contain. In addition, it is already proven to be helpful in alleviating various mental and physical ailments. Because of the pessimistic stigma against cannabis, it has proven difficult to receive positive attention for the cannabis plant. For that reason, Hope Wiseman is trying to use her cannabis dispensary to heighten awareness by showing local patients the healing power of cannabis.

The Philanthropists

It is a fact that in order to change all the negative press surrounding cannabis, it is important that the community is made aware through education and information. Part of the goal at Mary & Main is to make sure that this happens by creating healthy dialogue as it relates to alternative options for improving one's health.

The Team

The team at Mary & Main is aware that when the rhetoric is broken down and the mystery taken out of what cannabis can do for sick people, they will be part of the education and improvement process. In other words, Hope and her team at the cannabis dispensary are not in this only to sell cannabis products, but to provide information to the community as it relates to the medicinal use of cannabis. The ultimate goal of the team is to provide premium and safe products while being compassionate towards medical cannabis patients with chronic illnesses.

Final Summary

If you reside in the state of Maryland and you want to know more about what this cannabis dispensary offers and you want to get your own medical cannabis card, you have to head on over to Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, which is a website where potential patients can register prior to going to the Mary & Main cannabis dispensary. This is important since you won't be able to make a purchase without having a medical cannabis card and making sure that your medical condition is on the list of qualifying condition for the state of Maryland.

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