Top 7 Netflix Movies/Shows To View While Stoned

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The top 7 Netflix movies to watch while stoned is a great list to have. Want to have some fun while you are getting high or already stoned? Well, you can watch Netflix movies and series to be entertained, have some laughs and have lots of fun. Netflix has some of the funniest, entertaining and fun movies you can think of.

You can stream movies all day long. All you have to do is to make a joint, grab a glass bong, some finger food and one or two of your friends and be ready for immersion in the Netflix movie world.  Many stoners opt to be entertained with Netflix movies and series and you can too. You can watch one movie after another in succession until you fall asleep. There are some recommended Netflix movies and series that you must watch and we have put a short list together for you.

Breaking Bad

Sit down and get ready to go on a wild ride with Breaking Bad, one of the Netflix Movies we just had to add on our list. It involves an actor transforming from a chemistry teacher into a callous Heisenberg. These episodes span over five seasons. You are going to find it hard to put down your joint while watching these episodes. The performance is stellar and a masterpiece in storytelling.

The 70s Show

If you have never heard about the 70s Show, you now will. It has been around for a while and is a comedy that you can depend on for lots of laughs. It was a television show until it was added to the Netflix Movies. You will enjoy this show while you are stoned. And lucky for you, some episodes feature several stoners in spades and there is a lot of physical tension.

Bojack Horseman

One of the Netflix Movies that you might like as a stoner is Bojack Horseman, which is renowned for its original content. BoJack Horseman will grow on you in no time. The show emulates the 90s actor and the horse sharing pessimistic commentary and navigating the highs and lows of depression in a superficial culture.

30 Rock

30 Rock is one of the Netflix Movies that we would recommend to any stoner on the planet. This is a sitcom and it is one of the funniest that we have seen. It includes Tina Fey with her raunchy, yet intellectual sketch and a few other characters. This stoner comedy combines humor and antics with adept race observances and politics related to gender, making it one of the best sitcom series of all time. The guest lineup is diverse including Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey; just to name a few. Watch one of these sitcoms and it will make you feel hungry for more. Make sure you have your cannabis concentrate and vaporizer with you so that your awareness for the show's narrative will be elevated.

The Portlandia

If we did not include the Portlandia on the list of Netflix Movies, we would be remiss. This is a sensational and interesting series that will make you laugh hard. The cast are all seasoned comedians. The series is lighthearted; nothing that needs too much concentration and focus. The writes make fun of everyone in their orbit with many jokes that showcase stoners. Most of the skits take place in Portland.

Stranger Things

There are some talented young actors in the cast of Stranger Things, one of the Netflix Movies you should definitely watch while you are stoned. The series began in October 2017 and is still going strong.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks has been around for a while. Sometimes, the series is funny and playful, but at times, it gets weird. This is one of the Netflix Movies that is for those who are interested in supernatural stuff. Twin Peaks offers mesmerizing viewing for stoners and people from various culture and generations.

These are the top 7 Netflix movies to watch while stoned.

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