Bubble Gum Gelato Strain Review and Effects

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Let's take a look at Bubble Gum Gelato strain review and effects.

Bubblegum Gelato Strain Information

Bubblegum Gelato is a hybrid strain with Indica-dominance and an Indica/Sativa ratio of about 60/40.

It's CBD content reaches a low about 0.79-0.97%.

Bubblegum Gelato Strain consists of the following terpenes:


BubbleGum Gelato Strain Genetics

Bubblegum Gelato is a indica dominant hybrid weed strain that crosses Gelato #45 with Indiana Bubblegum.

BubbleGum Gelato Weed Strain Yield

During harvest, Gelato strain yields an average of 17 ounces per 3 sq ft.

BubbleGum Gelato Flowering Phase Length

The flowering period of Bubblegum Gelato is between 8 to 9 weeks if growing indoors.

If growing outdoors, harvest time occurs during October.

THC Percentage Of BubbleGum Gelato Strain

The THC percentage of Bubblegum Gelato is 16%. This is a relatively low number by today's standards, making Bubblegum Gelato a good strain for novice cannabis smokers.

Taste And Flavor Of BubbleGum Gelato Weed

Bubblegum Gelato strain has tasty fruity flavors of raspberry and cherry, and tastes like sugar filled bubblegum.

Medical Conditions Bubble Gum Gelato  Strain Can Help

The medical conditions Bubble Gum Gelato is most often noted for helping with are depression, anxiety, and stress.

Buy BubbleGum Gelato Seeds Online

Bubblegum Gelato Seeds

You can purchase Bubblegum gelato seeds online.

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