Top Cannabis Coffee Shops In Amsterdam
Best marijuana shops in Amsterdam.

Top Cannabis Coffee Shops In Amsterdam.

There are top cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam and they are getting more like a staple in the communities. You can practically see one on every corner of Amsterdam. And that is why; this country is one of the best vacation spots for cannabis enthusiasts who want to indulge legally without having to worry about being caught. If you are a cannabis tourist, you would probably enjoy strolling down the street and going into one cannabis coffee shop after another. Let's take a look at a few of the top cannabis coffee shops that you should check out the next time that you go visit Amsterdam.

Old Amsterdam Coffee Shop

The Old Amsterdam Coffee Shop is one of the top cannabis coffee shops in the area. It is one of the best tourist attractions that sells good weed. You may find it a little crowded due to its popularity. In the Old Amsterdam Coffee Shop, you will find that the ambience is relaxed and pleasant. The service is friendly and the menu selection is amazing. You will definitely have a great experience in this long time coffee shop. The workers are quite helpful, providing assistance even during busy times. While you are there, you should grab a cup of coffee and take a sea while you smoke your marijuana joint.


Abraxas is one of the top cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam too. It provides a classic connection to your smoking experience. It is a great place to just let your hair down and hang out. Its design includes elements of the' Middle Ages' with furniture that is elegantly carved. The atmosphere is cozy and clean. The menu is packed with a large inventory of marijuana strains.


If you are looking for one of the most spacious cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam, try the Dampkring. The setting reminds you of a Spanish style where you can chill in the candlelit room. The Dampkring opened its doors in 1993 and has become popular ever since with a wide array of choices and flavors. Adding to its ambience, patrons can sit drinking beer and stay there to enjoy all that there is to offer. The place closes at 1am, which is enough time to get your high on!

Green House Coffee Shop

If you want a more intimate place to hang out, try another one of hoses popular cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam, then try the Green House Coffee Shop. Even though, this shop is small, it still sells high quality weed. The menu is very impressive. The customer service is also of high quality. You will always come away feeling satisfied.


Baba is one of those top cannabis coffee shops that also has a Middle Eastern setting. When you enter the shop, you can see the statues that exemplify Middle Eastern culture and history. The decorations are also Middle Eastern. The staff is friendly and you will usually see one or two staff members socializing with the patrons. This is one of the places where you can have a weed party.


Siberie has been around for more than two decades. It is the ideal hangout for people who want to enjoy a relaxed ambience. Expect to hear hip hop music and reggae music to set the tone for some good weed smoking and dancing. Even if you are a new visitor, you will always find a stranger to chit chat with.

Nest time you're in Europe be sure to check out these Top Cannabis Shops in Amsterdam!

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