Top Reasons Lowell Farms Is First Cannabis Cafe In California

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Let's take a deeper look at the top reasons Lowell Farms is the first cannabis cafe in California. When you are the first cannabis cafe to be opened in the state of California, it is supposed to be a huge deal. In fact, for anything that is done for the first time, it is something to be proud of. Lowell Farms has been introduced to the people of California as the first cannabis cafe.

It is the first t to ever open up in the city of West Hollywood. Lowell Farms have already made a name for itself. It has had a reputation as one of the companies that sell pre-rolled products. Kevin Brady is the Director of the company. He is thinking about entering the culinary and retail space next. However, as the first cannabis cafe, there is more we need to know about the company. This includes its goal, focus and what to expect.

Now what could have sparked the company to want to enter the cannabis cafe space? Let us dig in and seek out some of the top reasons Lowell Farms is the first cannabis cafe in California.

The Pioneering

The company has been trying to make it happen now for four years. Therefore, it is not a fly by night decision. They have been pioneering for a cannabis cafe in the state of California for some time. Major parties in the company have also been part of the drive to end marijuana prohibition. They were devoted to finding alternative treatment for chronic illnesses. Their first step was to have a cannabis cafe so the public could have access to safe products in a community space, They wanted to make sure it could be consumed without the added stigma. The Business License Commission in the city of West Hollywood unanimously approved the licensing. It solidified the space in the state of California to help to advance its normalization. Let's examine

The Head Chef

Within the company, the kitchen will be led by Andrea Drummer, the main chef. She brings a lot of expertise and knowledge. You can expect her to be a good leader. One of the reasons is because of her culinary experience and knowledge of the cannabis industry. She is one of the driving forces behind the company. Prior to being a head chef, Drummer has owned her company. She hosted private cannabis parties across the United States and showcased her infused THC and CBD products. This chef has created a unique menu to reflect the various flavors and ingredients that come directly from the farm.

The Organic Element

Everything created at Lowell Farms reflects the ethos of the brand of organically grown products. Part of it meant that they used natural materials from the very seed to the point of sale. Lowell Farm partners with other farms across the country. They bring the organic brand and maintain it for the consumers that love natural products. The cafe looks modern with natural designs that depict the haven of lush foliage, local touches of art and the caring use of organic materials. On the menu, you will find organic products from the farm to the table.

The Premium Option

Consumers will also have a premium option that includes the “Tableside Flower Service.” Consumers will enjoy a unique experience while consuming varieties of cannabis products in a safe space. One of the hosts will provide the guests with guided assistance through the menu; discussing featured strains, their specific effects and also their origins while helping the guests by rolling their joint for them to enjoy. The company provides specialized dabs and bongs; among other things.

Final Summary

At this cannabis cafe, guests will enjoy hosted nightly events that range from string quartet playing eclectic music to Sunday Brunch with friends and family members. Educational panels and fireside chats along with comedy nights, after parties, movie premiere, record releases and live performances in music are all part of the ensemble of activities to expect. These are only some of the reasons why Lowell Farms is now the first cannabis cafe in the state of California.

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