An Unbiased Top Vaporizer Review: The Volta

An Unbiased Top Vaporizer Review: The Volta

This blog article is an Unbiased Top Vaporizer Review about The Volta, a VaporGenie product.

It is a battery-powered vaporizer and, subsequently, it is a portable device made from wood, metal and a small component of plastic. The cover is made from bamboo, and it is held in place by a magnet. The Volta is a top vaporizer that is popular because of its efficient heating procedure because it is a manual heated device. In addition, its simple structure makes it easy to clean. Unlike most vaporizers, the mouthpiece, and the battery are attached to the device.


The Volta has a manual temperature control, and it uses powerful LiFePO batteries to heat the herb chamber. Therefore, you can get a significant amount of vapor from one battery. You can heat the device within a few seconds. It is important to note that you can only charge the battery using a LiFePO charger because using a Li-ION charge can cause fire. As a top vaporizer, the Volta has bronze electrical contacts. The screws and bolts are stainless steel. Thereby, it has a unique design.

The package comes with the Volta device, which has a mouthpiece. In addition, the package contains 2 LiFePO batteries, which are high-quality batteries. Moreover, the package comes with two silicone battery caps and one charger, which is a two-battery charger. The battery produces more than 200-watt minute to the heating chamber. The battery produces approximately eight minutes of heating power. Importantly, you can draw 25- 30 draws while using this top vaporizer within a single battery charge. You control the heat using a switch.


Notably, you should not fill the bow completely when vaping. Leave the bowl half-full or a quarter full and then place the cover. Thereafter, press the spring-loaded switch for a few seconds. The LED light turns green after five to fifteen seconds, indicating that the device is heating. Shake the device during the heating process in order to allow air and herb circulation inside the heating chamber. You can use the top vaporizer until the LED light turns red, which indicates a low battery.

When cleaning this top vaporizer, you can only use soapy water on the glass window only. Do not use liquid cleaners on the wooden parts. Use a brush to clean the heating chamber. In addition, you can flick on the heating element to facilitate cleaning. It is important to keep the battery in their silicone caps all the time.

Ultimately, the Volta is a perfect vaporizing device that takes less time to heat and has powerful batteries. Therefore, it is a top vaporizer in terms of heat control. In addition, it has a unique shape that somehow resembles a traditional pipe. However, it requires careful maintenance. You have to store the batteries in silicon caps to avoid short-circuiting, and you cannot sue a Li-ion charger o charge the batteries.

We found that the Volta deserves a spot in our Top Vaporizer Review section for its ease of use and nice features not always found on the best vaporizers.


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