Real Reason The Cannabis Plant Is Associated With 420

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A lot of people wonder the real reason behind the cannabis plant and 420. So many people recognize the 420 celebration of the cannabis plant that takes place each year on April 20th. Yes, the cannabis industry has its special national holiday and this has grown into anticipated culture. However, there are few people that know why and how this particular date was chosen.

There are people that still say that 420 is a police code to identify that cannabis is in progress. Some say that the 420 holiday has to do with the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Others say that it has something to do with a song Bob Dylan had written and sung called “Rainy Day Women Number 12 and 35.”

When you multiply the two numbers in the song, the total is 420. These are only rumors though and they are all false, but often repeated by people who have no clue about the cannabis plant and the celebrations associated with it.  So what is the real reason the cannabis plant is associated with 420?

The Waldos

However, the people who know the history of the cannabis plant and its association or relation to the 420 holiday are aware of the real scoop. It was in 1971 that the story lends credibility to what really took place. Five students from Marin County, California went to the San Rafael High School and would meet up at 4:20pm at the statue found on campus to smoke weed.

They would meet at that specific time every day since all extracurricular school activities would generally end at that time.

The group consists of Larry Schwartz, Jeffrey Noel, Steve Capper, March Gravich and Dave Reddix. Once people found out about what these students were doing and because their meeting was at a wall, they were dubbed, “The Waldos.” Their code for smoking marijuana was 420, especially, if someone was coming and they feared being caught. Is this the real reason the cannabis plant is associated with 420?

Less Confusion

Some people still remain confused about the real origin of the 420 celebration and it all depends on the person you ask since everyone is going to have their own stories and their very own beliefs. You will find a wide range of answers coming from different people.

The origin of the 420 holiday really does not matter to most people as long as they can attend various cannabis events and as long as the cannabis plant is around for easy legal access.

But, to other people, the cannabis plant itself is much more than smoking. It is a life and death situation where they depend on it for medical reasons. No matter which way you think of all of this, you should accept the story that has been recorded in history as being true and that is the story of the “Waldos.”

The Roots of 420

The 420 term was researched by the Huffington Post to learn its roots and the paper was able to discover that it had something to do with the final patch of cannabis plant found in the Point Reyes forest of California. It is said that the patch turned out to have spread to other parts of the state.

Another story as to the root of the 420 term is when Steven Bloom was walking through his Oakland business parking lot in 1990 and received a flyer from one of the Grateful Dead's fans; inviting him to one of the hippies gathering in a nearby parking lot.

It is said that the group planned to meet at 4:20PM. At the back of the flyer was the story of what the group thought about the roots of the cannabis plant and its association with the 420 celebration.

Final Summary

The “Waldos” are able to prove that everything began with them by showing old flags with 420 on it and a lot of letters written with the term 420 used as reference in the early 1970s.

Many of these letters were post marked and did not leave room of being doctored or altered. So, we would go with the “Waldos” story explaining the real reason why cannabis plant is associated with the 420 term.

Now you know the real reason the cannabis plant is associated with 420.

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