Top Tips To Visiting Amsterdam Coffee Shops
Tips for visiting Amsterdam coffee shops. Coffee shop sign

Top Tips To Visiting Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Have you ever been in one of the Amsterdam coffee shops before? Well, if you haven't, you are missing out on so much. Here, we will discuss some of the top tips to consider when visiting Amsterdam and going to one of these coffee shops. Let us say that you have planned a trip to Amsterdam or planning to do so, you should know that this location is thought to be the top tips to visiting Amsterdam Coffee Shops'

Get ready to be informed on what to expect and what to do when you visit one of these Amsterdam coffee shops, especially if this is your first time. You will find yourself staring at hundreds of inventory that may include dozens of cannabis strains, pre-rolled joints, space cakes, vaporizers and edibles. To make your experience less intimidating and overwhelming, there are some really good tips below that you should consider.

The Inventory

The Amsterdam coffee shops will usually display their inventory on a menu. So be sure to ask for this, if it is not visible on the wall. If there is something you see that you need an explanation for, then make sure that you ask as many questions as you need to. For example if you were to see cannabis strains on the menu like Casey Jones, Diamond Girl, Apple Jack, Amnesia Haze or White Widow, this can be confusing, if you are clueless. So ask what these fancy names mean, the level of potency each of them have and how it will make you feel. The person behind the counter is knowledge and will provide you with the information you need to make the appropriate choice.

Sativa Hybrid Strain

If you are still unsure, be sure to choose the sativa hybrid strain that induces a more energetic and uplifting high in comparison to the indica hybrid strain that gives you the kind of high that makes you want to go lie down. If you want to stay up and be active and social, then sativa will give you that push. Bear in mind that the cannabis at these Amsterdam coffee shops are pretty strong. Proceed with caution. Don't smoke the entire joint at one time.

The Tourist Entrapments

Most of the Amsterdam coffee shops in the city center or Dam area sell overpriced products. Don't get trapped into buying cannabis for a higher price when you can get it for a lower price. It is best to take the tram transportation out to an area where cannabis is cheaper. Ask the locals if you are not sure. Someone will be happy to help.

Organic Choice

Unfortunately for you, there are some cannabis growers that still don't go all organic, but use harmful chemicals on their cannabis crops such as fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals. These are not healthy. There are many Amsterdam coffee shops that are now carrying organic cannabis. All you have to do is to ask.

Tobacco Joint or Cannabis Joint

If you don't want to roll your spliff, most Amsterdam coffee shops do sell pre-rolled joints that are recommended in this case. However, be mindful that many of these joints are made using tobacco. If you want something different, then you might have to roll that joint using pure rolling paper.

Buying More Than Necessary

You might be tempted to spend a lot of money in these Amsterdam coffee shops, but try to control your urge since you may not be staying in the city for a long period of time. Even, if you are spending more than a week, you should still watch how much cannabis you buy at any given time. You don't want your stash to grow too big. And remember that the cannabis is very strong in Amsterdam and so a little will go a long way.

Final Thoughts

When visiting any of the Amsterdam coffee shops, be sure to check out their vaporizers and edibles. Space cakes are similar to brownies and are very popular. However, eat a little portion at a time because you don't want to over consume and then have a bad does of paranoia. Vaporizers give you a smoother smoke and you can use it in public without many people noticing you. You will be welcomed in Amsterdam coffee shops, even if you don't smoke cannabis. Enjoy your trip!


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