Nectar Collector Review and Coupon Code
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Nectar Collector Vape

Nectar Collector is a well-known online retailer of high end Vape products. There will also be a rewarding coupon code for you to redeem for instant discounts when shopping at Nectar Collector.

Nectar Collector Product Line

Nectar Collector has a large and comprehensive line of portable vertical vaporizers that give customers many options when it comes to vaping.

Here is a list of the top Nectar Collections available for you.

#1. Dry Dab Straw Collection

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Nectar Collector Dry Swab Straw

Featuring glass straws inspired by a chemistry pipette but without water filtration, the straw collection has been updated with built-in water filtration systems, getting the most attention. The Honeybird, for example, is available in a basic starter kit that includes a Honeybird core (with water tank), threaded quartz tip, feeder bowl, protective leather sheath, and hard shell waterproof case.

#2. Nectar Collector Infinity Tech

Infinity Tech is a modular system that allows the user to completely disassemble the unit and replace parts for a unique look and vaping experience. Each Infinity Tech piece is entirely compatible with any rig in the line, allowing you to customize your rig to your heart's content.

The Infinity Tech line includes a wide range of cores, single and double-hole diffusers, mouthpieces, and other accessories, some of which are hand-blown and feature some pretty cool designs. There are many kits available in the Infinity Tech line, including the Honeybird Pro Package, which is an improved version of their original Honeybird model.

It comes with the Honeybird Pro Deluxe core, Vortex Venturi diffuser, mouthpiece core, spill guard, all necessary connectors, and everything else required for a full vaping experience.

#3. The Opal Honeycomb Pro

nectar collector honeycomb

Opal Honeycomb Pro

Another choice is the Opal Honeycomb Pro, which has a similar setup as the Infinity tech but with a beautiful hand-blown design and an improved shape for the best possible airflow and function. This collection also includes the Nectar Collector Honeycomb Hammer, which helps you smoke dry flowers.

#4. Huni Badger Collection

The Huni Badger line has more akin to the original Honeybird, but it is completely electric and ready to use on the go. It uses an 18650 battery and can vape at both high and low temperatures, with different attachments depending on how you want to vape.

The Huni Badger unit can be used with the Honeybird core from the original model, or the complete Huni Badge can be purchased separately.

# 5. Quartz Internal Twist Perc

nectar collector perc straw

Quartz Internal Twist Perc

The Pulsar Vapor Vessel is a stunningly crafted piece that ensures a seamless on-the-go concentrate experience.

The double helix-shaped percolator on this piece stands out because it smooths out hits while still holding water. Even when put on the side, the straw will not spill, and the robust quartz construction will retain heat and prevent it from cracking.

This is a fantastic addition to any growing collection.

#6. Nectar Collector Kits

The Nectar Collector experience is complete with a range of kit packages. From smaller compact kits for the beginner or on-the-go dabber to larger modular kits for the pro looking to use the finest vertical vaporizer on the market. There is something for everyone! Here are some of the kits available today:

#7. Exceed Dabcool W3 Electric Nectar Collector

Do you want to dab your favourite waxy concentrates quickly without having to take out your rig? Exceed's Dabcool W3 Electric Concentrate Straw is just what you're looking for.

The Dabcool W3 is a nectar-collector-style portable dab tool with a ceramic tip that ensures you get the most out of your concentrates by eliminating outside flavours. This ultra-portable, simple-to-use electric concentrate straw is ideal for beginners as well as experts.

The Dabcool W3 is small enough to fit in a pocket, backpack, or purse, making it ideal for on-the-go dabbing. A micro USB charging cable, an extra atomizer head, and a silicone concentrate bottle are all included with the W3. Pick your favourite colour and give it a shot today!

#8. Piranha Nectar Collector Kit

nectar collector kit

Nectar Collector Piranaha Kit

The Piranha Kit is ideal for on-the-go dabbing.

This package is made of pure quartz and offers huge hits and pure flavour. The body, the mouthpiece, and the stem are the three main components. It also includes a quartz dish for fast loading and a titanium tip that heats up quickly and maintains temperature.

When assembled, this Piranha kit stands 14 inches tall.


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Nectar Collector has plenty to sell if you're looking for a high-quality and reliable way to enjoy your concentrates without wasting them.

Check out the nearest Nectar Collector store using their store locator to find out. You may also order Nectar Collector parts and items directly from their website.


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