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Top Marijuana Strains to Battle Fatigue and Stress

There are specific marijuana strains that do a good job helping you to battle fatigue and stress; much more than other strains do. If...

Top Reasons to Smoke Pot

There are a number of reasons that you should smoke pot and we are going to discover what those reasons are. No matter where...

Top Marijuana States that Legally Treat PTSD

  Top Marijuana States that Legally Treat PTSD. Andre Cuomo is the New York Governor for the Democratic Party and he made some headlines recently...

5 True Stories of Marijuana Consumption As An Opioid Solution

These 5 true stories of marijuana consumption as an opioid solution showcase the great benefits of weed. In recent years, some truly believed that...

Top Marijuana Strains for Back Pain

No one wants to suffer from persistent back pain. If you are hit with chronic back pain and you have a problem getting rid...

Top Reasons Marijuana Is Good For PMS Relief

  If you are a woman, you must be aware of, experienced or know of someone that needs PMS relief due to the symptoms of...

Top Marijuana Strains to Combat Pain

Some people suffer from chronic or long lasting pain at one time or the other. There are some people that live with pain. Medical...

Best Cannabis Strains To Fight Insomnia

Best Cannabis Strains To Fight Insomnia. People that suffer from insomnia have quite a hard time sleeping at night. For that reason, they will...