Top Seattle Marijuana Strains With THC Dominance
Marijuana strains

Seattle Marijuana Strains

Let's take a look at some of the Top Seattle Marijuana Strains With THC Dominance.

From a score that starts from 1 and ends in 100, cannabis is rated according to its flavor, aroma, cure, appearance and general experience. We have done an extensive search to find the top Seattle marijuana strains that are most dominant in THC level. We have chosen the state of Washington as our main focus. Let's look at the marijuana strains now that is offered in medical marijuana dispensaries located in the state of Washington. All of these strains were assessed based on their THC dominance. This means that we evaluated their CBD to THC ratio. Presidential Kush had the most weight of more than 17% THC level, demonstrating and establishing that quality is immeasurable as it relates to only chemical. The key to it might be the terpene profile because the curing process can be the thing to determine the outcome. Let's dig in now!


The Middlefork strain is prices at up to $17 per gram and as low as $15 per gram. It has a citrus and subtle spice aroma upon exhaling as you smoke. Many recreational users find this flavor one of the best in the Washington area because of the lingering aroma and fuzzy marijuana buds packed with sticky trichomes that is quite enticing.  The effect of its flavor is very strong, which means it has a higher THC level than other marijuana strains. The aroma is very attractive and you will definitely get stoned smoking this one, after several hits. Expect to be glued to your sofa if you indulge too much, but you will probably feel like you are in heavenly bliss.

Sherbet by Gabriel

The Sherbet strain is one of those marijuana strains that is priced at $45 for an eighth of a gram, which is quite pricey for some. This strain falls in number two position as having a high THC level. When you see this one, you will see why it falls in second place. The noticeable entangled web of blue purple and green under the dense trichomes tells it all – with red hot orange hairs peeking out. The aroma is similar to berry pie. One other thing you may like is that it is free of pesticides. According to many users, this strain gives you a heady buzz, but a relaxing feeling.

Presidential Kush

The third of the top marijuana strains on the list is the Presidential Kush, which also has a high THC dominance and sells for $50 per one eighth gram. This one came on the market in fall of 2017.  The Presidential Kush was introduced to the market by Fifty Folds. This strain has a thich layer of trichomes, frosty and has a dark purple color.  Its appearance seems as if it is a Christmas tree that is covered in glowing white bulbs. The frosted buds are indeed a beauty to behold.

Allen  Dawg

The Allen Dawg is one of the marijuana strains that are also high in THC level. It falls number four in this category of top marijuana strains in the state of Washington. It is well sought after, especially since it comes from the Nebula Gardens. Its buds are huge, creating an accumulation of trichome foliage. It has a diverse flavor and funky aroma. You can depend on this strain to give you the high that you need to feel relaxed and stimulated.


The Lemonder was one of those marijuana strains introduced to the cannabis market by the Private Reserve in the city of Seattle. It is the fifth one on our list of strains with unusually high THC dominance.  This is also priced at $45 per eighth of a gram. It has been around since the fall of 2017.


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