Top Marijuana Strains With Higher CBD Levels
Top Cannabis Strains With Higher CBD Levels. Closeup of colorful cannabis plant.

Top Marijuana Strains With Higher CBD Levels

CBD is also known as a cannabidiol and has become quite a mainstay for many cannabis consumers. Why? Well, marijuana strains with high CBD levels tend to be used to combat inflammation, pain, anxiety and more. On the cannabis market, there are much more products and strains with higher CBD levels than in the past. However, the cost for many of these cannabis products are quite high and that is why we have put together a list of top marijuana strains that express the highest CBD levels.

Suzy Q

If you are looking for a dominant strain in CBD, then Suzy Q is the best pick. It has a reserved amount of THC level. This makes it one of those mellow marijuana strains where the user does not get as high as with other strains. It has a mild effect to the brain. With a pine scent, you can consume Suzy Q and get rid of your anxiety and bock any mental issues that sand in the way of your productivity and creativity.


For the inspiring and upbeat marijuana strains, Dancehall stands out as it lifts the spirit and encourages creativity in the user. It has a 20 to 1 CBD:THC ratio. When this strain is consumed, it results in little to none as it relates to euphoria. Therefore, the user won't feel distracted or incognizant. This is one that is ideal for consumer sensitive to high THC levels.

Ringo’s Gift

The Ringo's Gift is one of those top marijuana strains that helps the cannabis consumer who is into a sense of well being and who is interested in relieving pain in the body. The name Ringo's Gift was derived from the recognition of Lawrence Ringo who was a pioneer for CBD. You can use this cannabis strain to alleviate stress and pain while freeing the mind of paranoia and distracting feelings that euphoria brings.


ACDC is one of the marijuana strains that help medical cannabis patients to get rid of anxiety. It is like the best thing that ever came on the market for consumers who have side effects to THC. Consumers get to harness some of the best traits of marijuana such as gentle moods and relaxation and a clear mind.


If you are looking for marijuana strains with a high level of CBD, Remedy is the ideal one. It clears mental flog and ushers in relaxation. If you want to relax and need more than just a cup of tea, then Remedy is the solution to reduce anxiety, sooth pain and alleviate inflammation.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most popular marijuana strains for children especially. In fact, the name was derived from a child going through epilepsy. This is one of the first strains with a high level of CBD that received a lot of media coverage and it gained the status of being one of the top marijuana strain varieties with higher levels of CBD. This strain helps to treat patients who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, severe epilepsy and anxiety.


Nordle is one of the marijuana strains that have both CBD and THC levels, but CBD is higher in ratio. It helps the patient to handle insomnia, anxiety, and pain and muscle spasms. If you cannot sleep at night, the solution could be the Nordle strain. It reduces pain and anxiety so you can actually sleep at night.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is a well known strain that has a high CBD level. It produces less than 1 to 2 percent in THC.  So, it is safe to say that Sour Tsunami has a lot of medicinal benefits and the user does not get that intense high. If you want to treat anxiety and pain symptoms without having to deal with the effects of THC, then you should consider Sour Tsunami.

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