Ideal Marijuana Strains For Rainy Weather
Marijuana strains for a rainy day

Ideal Marijuana Strains For Rainy Weather

What are some of the ideal marijuana strains for rainy weather? Every season, marijuana strains are susceptible to different types of weather including rain. This is the season now to expect a lot of rain. And so, growers have to be aware and be prepared so that their crop is not in jeopardy. It all depends on where you live as a grower. In addition, there are marijuana strains that do better in the rainy weather than others.

This is important to know, if you want to be a serious marijuana grower.  We have done the research for you and found some of the ideal marijuana strains that you can expect to be cultivating this and other rainy season and still get good results. It is best to pick them up now and stash them away so you can prepare for the rainy season. In so doing, when it gets cloudy outdoors, you will have all you need to be comfortable.

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is one of those marijuana strains that are ideal, if you want to sit and listen to your most favorite playlist or movies on Netflix that you saved for future listening. It has a fruity combination of flavors. It will give you a nice high that could keep you on the sofa for hours.

It is possible that the movie on Netflix could be watching you as you may doze off to sleep after you have taken a few puffs. This strain is indica and so it will make you feel calm and relaxed. Try not to leave your house or plan any social events when you smoke this strain. That is forbidden- no pun intended!

Double Cream

Double Cream is known as one of the marijuana strains that is just as ideal as the Blue Dream strain. It makes you mellow when you consume or smoke it. We call it the ‘happy strain.’ It has an invigorating and strong aroma.

It will give you a high that will keep you indoors for the whole afternoon. You can curl up in bed with a nice cup of tea or just sit there and daydream about the next day. It is going to be up to you. But, be prepared for your mind being elevated and taking you on the ride of your life.

Tahoe OG Kush

One of the marijuana strains for a rainy day is the Tahoe OG Kush. This will definitely keep you at home because of the cerebral high that it gives you. It will make you so high that all you want is to curl up under a warm blanket in your bed and listen to the patter of rain on the roof.

It is nice to smoke in the evening while you are getting ready to relax and chill. If it is cold, this is the kind of strain that will make you feel warm and relaxed.


If you are at home on a rainy afternoon, the Romulan strain is the ideal one to consume or smoke. It will get you lying in bed and wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket after taking a few hits.

You will want to close your eyes and think of the rain as music to your ears. This is one of those marijuana strains that is also good for treating insomnia, anxiety and pain.


If you are looking for a sweet and fresh cannabis strain, then the Superglue is the answer. It gives you a smooth high, leaving your headspace comfy and putting you in a good mood.

In fact, you might even feel like taking up your notepad and journaling or take up an unfinished book and start reading.

Berry White

The Berry White is another one of those ideal marijuana strains that you would use if you are home on a rainy day.

It is good for physical anxiety and relaxation. It gives you a gentle euphoria and so, you might just feel like chilling out and watching TV.


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