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Cannabis Reports has 2 options for accepting blog articles


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Guest & Sponsored Posting on Cannabis Reports.org

We currently only accept articles directly related to the following categories:

  • CBD
  • Hemp
  • Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Marijuana Strains
  • Marijuana Growing
  • Marijuana Cooking
  • Marijuana Extractions
  • Marijuana Products
  • Marijuana Education
  • Marijuana Entertainment
  • Marijuana Jobs/Cannabis Careers
  • Marijuana Doctors
  • Marijuana Lawyers
  • Marijuana News
  • Medical Marijuana/Health
  • Marijuana Business
  • Marijuana Stocks
  • Marijuana Technology
  • Cannabis Coffeeshops
  • Cannabis Seed banks
  • Ancillary Marijuana Businesses
  • Vape
  • Vaporizers
  • Dabs
  • Dab Accessories

Cannabis Reports has 2 options for accepting blog articles:

1. Free Guest Post

The FREE guest post is free for you to submit. Free guest posts can have one no-follow link in them to your site.
Cannabis Reports is free to add links of our choice to your article.
No changes can be made to Free Guest Posts after being submitted to CannabisReports.org

Please allow up to 72 hours before your free marijuana guest post is posted on our site.

Post subject is subject to approval by our staff.

CannabisReports.org reserves the right to not publish any content we find not in line with our best practices.

2. Paid Sponsored Post

CannabisReports.org accepts Sponsored marijuana posts for $99 per post. (Prices are non-negotiable and paid by PayPal)
We ask that you do not make changes to the marijuana blog post after submitting it to us.
Payment is due before sponsored cannabis industry blog post is submitted.
You send www.cannabisreports.org your cannabis/hemp/cbd blog article as a word document.

The submitted cannabis sponsored posts must be an original cannabis blog article not to be used anywhere else. If we see the article is used elsewhere or plagiarized we reserve the right to delete it from our site and no refunds will be given.

We check and verify regularly using copyscape. (minimum word count is 500 words for any marijuana industry sponsored blog post submission)

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Sponsored Guest Posts at CannabisReports.org

  1. Great results for SEO. CannabisReports has a domain ranking authority of 45 and is growing each month.
  2. Low cost way to add authoritative backlinks to your site.
  3. Get your product or company in front of the CannabisReports.org audience, and leave it there. (we do not remove posts unless they violate the terms of agreement)
  4. Improve your SEO for a low cost and link back to the article from your marijuana site.
  5. Cannabis Industry advertising is extremely limited. We give you an opportunity to advertise your cannabis or hemp/CBD product or service with no red tape.

Submission Guidelines for Sponsored Marijuana Industry Blog Posts:

  • Please consider these STRICT requirements before submitting articles to CannabisReports.org.
  • All content must be high-quality & original and must benefit our website visitors.
  • We reserve the right to add in our own affiliate links within your article when relevant.
  • Sponsored cannabis posts may contain advertisements and will be labeled as “sponsored posts” in accordance with sponsored post laws.
  • We do not accept submissions that are anti-cannabis in any way, or that are harmful, or hateful towards others.
  • Articles should include a royalty-free photo submitted by you, minimum 600×600 pixels, although the larger the better.
  • No affiliate links will be allowed in the Sponsored posts. We may add our own links to your submissions when relevant to the link subject.
  • All cannabis sponsored content is subject to approval and editing by CannabisReports.org
  • You certify that you have full rights to use the text and links that are included in your sponsored marijuana/cbd/hemp post or link.
  • If you do not provide an image, then an image will be selected for you. You will not be able to edit or change the image if an image is not provided. Cannabis Reports will choose an image for you if you do not send one in.
  • If you do provide an image, then you certify that you have full rights to use that image for your post on CannabisReports.org
  • You are liable for any penalties that result from copyright or other claims. CannabisReports.org is in no way liable for copyright issues from your submitted photos.
  • Once payment has been received and the Sponsored Post has been submitted to us, please allow up to 4 days for the article to be published on our site.>
Interested in discounted monthly sponsored post packages?Contact

Interested in discounted monthly sponsored post packages?To inquire about a Sponsored Guest Post on CannabisReports.org or a monthly package price please contact us at cannabisreports@gmail.com and use monthly sponsored posts in the subject line.