Top Tips In The Use Of Marijuana Tinctures

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Top tips in the use of marijuana tinctures are quite interesting.  Marijuana tinctures might not be the popular way that people consume weed. However, these can be the potent method and most convenient for people to medicate. There are several benefits of using marijuana tinctures. Some of these benefits include the ease in which you can use them. Moreover, it acts fast when ingested; giving the user the desired effects.

The companies that create marijuana tinctures do so to help others find a remedy for different medical conditions. In the states where cannabis is legalized, there is a popularity for marijuana tinctures; more now than ever before.  

It is important to note that tinctures were the popular way that United States pharmacies sold cannabis prior to their prohibition. In addition, marijuana tinctures are easy to create and safe to use. Most of these products are made with apple cider vinegar, alcohol and vegetable glycerin.

Tips for the Use of Marijuana Tinctures

The Extraction

First, let us talk about cannabis tinctures and what they are. You would use the term ‘alcoholic extract' when you mention it. The marijuana plant is extracted using alcohol. You would use alcohol as the solvent. This is what is commonly used.

Coconut oil and glycerin are also used, but alcohol is the solvent preferred because of its efficiency in extracting the chemicals from the plant. This is not like edibles that if consumed in large quantity will give you a bad experience. Instead, it ensures that you take the right dose.

Consuming Weed in a Tincture

This is a great way to consume marijuana, whether you are a recreational or medical user trying to avoid the harshness that sometimes comes with smoking or you might not like the intensity that comes after ingesting products infused with weed.

One of the good things about marijuana tinctures is that it is safe for children to ingest as well as adults, even if it is for the first time. It is simple to administer and can be done in small dosages. We have put together a few tips of how you should use marijuana tinctures. See below.

No Harsh Smells

Cannabis tinctures do not produce any harsh aromas or smells. And that could be one of the main reasons why it is so loved. The ideal way to consume it is by drops taken under the tongue. It absorbs straight into the bloodstream.

You don't have to only take it sublingually, but you can also put it in your smoothies, soups, salad dressings and sherberts, which work out to be a good alternative.

Lab Tested Tinctures

Make sure you buy cannabis tinctures that are lab tested and appropriately labeled. The dropper bottle must show the amount of CBD content and recommendations for dosage. When it is tested in the lab, then you don't have to worry about toxins.

Select whole plant tinctures and be sure that it is not made from trim, but from high quality flower. The whole extracts will contain additional terpenes and cannabinoids, which, when combined will amplify the therapeutic impact into an experience that many know as ‘entourage effect.'

You Have Control Over Dosing

The most valuable tip is to try different cannabis tinctures in a wide variety of ratios and dosages to see which one works for you. It is all trial and error. If you have gastrointestinal issues, you can use these tinctures as a way to easily consume marijuana without having to smoke.

Use a moderate dose; no more than three drops under your tongue to get the best effect within fifteen minutes of ingestion. If you want faster relief, apply a few more drops under the tongue, but no more than five drops. You can also incorporate it into your meals or drinks or in the butter that you use to cook with.

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