Top THC Cartridges to Buy
Best THC Cartridges to Buy. Hand holding vape pen.

Top THC Cartridges to Buy

Let's take a look at some of the top THC cartridges to buy! Marijuana consumption is getting quite popular in the United States. Hash oil pens and THC cartridges are increasing in popularity on the market. The THC cartridges are attached to the 510 thread battery. This helps to facilitate the vaporization. In so doing, users will be able to discreetly consume the marijuana through the cartridge and vape pen. Not all THC cartridges are the same. However, many of them have a higher level of potency and are much safer. Stay away from vape pens that have specific cutting agents because they can be quite irritating and harmful.

The Best THC Cartridges 

THC cartridges will often vary in marijuana strains, extraction methods, potency and flavor. You will find that the best ones tend to be transparent and light in color as it relates to the extracted oil. This kind of oil will be more potent and with a better flavor. Let us go over some of the top THC cartridges that you should consider buying. If you are an active recreational smoker of vape pens, you will need to know more about THC cartridges, how they work and which ones are the best on the cannabis market and in the cannabis industry.


AbsoluteXtracts is a company that manufactures and produces THC cartridges. It has a wide inventory of marijuana strains; roughly twenty altogether and they are made using pure marijuana oil or hash oil. The company does not combine their cartridges nor do they add additives such as cutting agents, which tend to be quite harmful. The company's marijuana is derived from the state of California in the northern region.

The company makes sure that their weed is cleanly extracted and to do so, they use their in-house supercritical CO2 technique.  What is this CO2 technique? Well, it is a process that makes sure that there are no unwanted residues or solvents present in the final product. During the extraction process, the company ensures that there are enough terpenes preserved so as to give each marijuana strain their own unique flavor and smell. The cannabis oils are packaged in their own THC cartridges to ensure reliable draw and easy flow to the user. The THC cartridges are transparent, but still a little darker than others on the market.

Flav Rx

Flav Rx is a company that also makes THC cartridges, which are half a gram and one gram in sizes. There are thirty different marijuana strains to choose from. Raw cannabinoids are used to make their products and these are purified and extracted without using solvents. When the cannabinoids are purified, then there are not as many unwanted waxes and fats. Terpene blends are created in a lab using the marijuana strain data, subsequently creating a unique blend for smoother flavor.

Open Vape Craft Reserve

Open Vape Craft Reserve has been around for a while and so are known for their innovative, flavorful and potent THC cartridges. The company uses the best hand-chosen flowers to fill and distill their THC cartridges. The company makes sure that in doing so, the terpenes taste exactly like the cannabis strain that is used.

Pax Era Vape Extract Pods

Pax Era Vape Extract Pods are sturdy THC cartridges that are used with the best extracts. When the pre-filled pods are loaded, the oil cannot be seen. You can get these from chosen vendors in the state of California and Colorado.

Ganja Gold Live Resin

Ganja Gold Live Resin is one of the THC cartridges that allows for quality experience. This is a live resin cartridge that comes in sativa and hybrid strains. It is tested first in the lab and does not use thinners or additives. This makes it one of the most purest and flavorful oils on the cannabis market.

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