Top Marijuana Products To Impact The Industry For 2019

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It's that tie of year when we are all looking for the top marijuana products for 2019. The marijuana industry has enjoyed a lot of profits and it continues to get better and so investors have become enthused by this since 2018 in particular since so many other states legalized weed. For that reason, there are more marijuana products being made to impact the market and the industry for 2019.

There are so many doors of opportunities being made available by more investments into the industry. Canada, for one has legalized both recreational and medical marijuana.

In so doing there have been so many more companies coming onboard and providing lots of quality marijuana products for the consumers. There are more competitors and contenders coming into the mix to fuel additional interest. Here are some of the top marijuana products for 2019.

Cannabis Stocks Show Hope for Industry and New Products

Cannabis stocks have shown signs of improving and so, it is safe to say that there will be more companies wanting to be part of the noticeable and avoidable growth and profits. Mergers and acquisitions also indicate growth and future profits.

Up and coming businesses are also part of the landscape of how 2019 ad beyond will bring in new marijuana products and considerable growth. Some of these marijuana products will emerge winners while others might fail.

We have found several of the top marijuana products that are already winners and have a lot of potential for the future. Let us take a look at them.

Top Marijuana Products for 2019

Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis edibles fall into a category of marijuana products that will definitely continue to emerge and stand strong on the market. Once the Canadian government made recreational cannabis legal, there were no regulations put in place for edibles.

In fact, the government has a one year window to sort through the nuances while they try to distinguish certain regulations to use for edibles. While consumers and entrepreneurs wait for such regulations, there are companies that have received a head start to develop new marijuana products in the form of edibles created for retail sale.

In the meantime, retailers are allowing consumers to try other marijuana products that they are not yet permitted to put on the market.

Once these go on the market, at least, consumers will know about it already and more prone to buy. Cannabis edibles by itself are set to make billions of dollars for the industry. Cannabis edibles are definitely some of the top marijuana products for 2019.

*Edibles Update in Canada as of October, 2019

On October 17, 2019 cannabis derivatives were legalized across Canada. This includes cannabis beverages, cannabis capsules, cannabis concentrates, cannabis edibles, cannabis tinctures, cannabis topicals, and even vape pens!

Marijuana-Infused Beverages

Other top marijuana products that will make an impact in the industry in 2019 are marijuana infused beverages. Two companies have realized this and have partnered together to make that impact. Constellation Brands and Canopy Growth are the two companies referred to. Constellation Brands is strictly a company that sells beverages and Canopy Growth sells marijuana.

Other investors are looking at how they can benefit and take advantage of the product launches that will take place in the near future when it comes to marijuana infused beverages. In fact, another pair that have partnered in that sense is HEXO and Molson Coors.

CBD Products

Prior to 2018, CBD was already showing signs of popularity as one of the marijuana products to hit the market ad impact the 2019 industry. CBD has become popular because it is something that can be consumed by anyone; no matter the age range. Companies are making CBD drinks, CBD beauty products, CBD topical creams and CBD vaping products.

Marijuana products made with CBD are safe to consume and many people use them to alleviate pain, stop insomnia and reduce inflammation. Nothing beats the power of CBD products in aiding people with various medical conditions.

Final Summary

There are other marijuana products that would consider effective and beneficial in the grand scheme of things. As the industry continues to grow, there will be more marijuana products for patients to consider. Those are some of the top marijuana products to impact the industry for 2019!

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