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People say knowledge is power and that has always proven to be true. Marijuana books impart knowledge to its reader, just like any other book might do. Growing cannabis is not just an art, but some required steps are mandatory. It is not just putting cannabis seeds into the soil and wait for it to grow. It is much more. To understand the complexities of growing weed to its achievable potential means that you have to learn something about the marijuana plant, its benefits and its delicacy.

There are some marijuana books though that teaches you more than others do, providing in-depth information about a whole host of topics inside the cannabis industry. We have found some of the top marijuana books that you would be interested in.

Cannabis Cookbook

The High Times has published a cannabis cookbook that includes lots of culinary delights and sumptuous edible products. You can find this one on the High Times website and on Amazon. This is one of the marijuana books that have been compiled with tons of recipes that you can try on your own. It includes entrees, baked goods, cocktail and other cannabis infused products.

Big Book of Buds

You will definitely get a lot out of this book. This is one of the marijuana books that describe a number of cannabis strains all over the world. Each strain is detailed, providing its growing quality and characteristics along with images of them. The book also has some good tips on growing marijuana and engaging insights into the botany of marijuana.

Grow Great Marijuana

This is one of the marijuana books that you could use as a guide to growing cannabis. This is a good selection for the person who is a novice to the cannabis industry. It puts things in basic terms and makes it easier to grasp and understand. You will get step by step instructions on how to set up an indoor hydroponic room for growing marijuana and what results you can expect. The book contains illustrations, advice and images.

Amsterdam Coffee Shop Guide

There is a variety of coffee shops in Amsterdam. This is one of the marijuana books that give the ideal reference to find the best coffee shops, especially for new visitors of Amsterdam. Discover which one of these coffees shops are the best and learn what you can expect to see including the music, menu, and the vibe. In so doing, you will know which coffee shop to approach when you get to Amsterdam.

Beyond Buds

Beyond Buds is one of the marijuana books that every recreational user must have. You will learn how to make edibles, how to make dab, hash oil and everything about vaping, tinctures and medical marijuana medicine. This book is a must have and a must keep.

The Pot Book

Get the “Pot Book” if you want to read an overview on everything in relation to marijuana. You will learn about growing marijuana, the history of marijuana, the future of cannabis, the politics of marijuana, how society views cannabis and marijuana as a medicine. This book is well researched.

Cannabis Smoker's Guidebook

Written by Matt Mernagh, this is one of the marijuana books that provide personal experiences about smoking a variety of marijuana strains. The author has smoked more than 180 different strains and has written about them from a personal account. So, if you want to know more about marijuana strains, this is the book to buy.

The Cannabis Grow Bible

The Cannabis Grow Bible is one of the marijuana books that everyone in the cannabis industry should have. It is an explanatory guide to growing marijuana. It will benefit both novice and professionals alike. The Cannabis Grow Bible is jam packed with images, charts, advice, tables and instructions. Every marijuana grower should have this book.

Ed Rosenthal is the “Guru of Ganja” and a leading cannabis author. Many of his ebooks are included in the leading cannabis college program online at Cannabis Training University.

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