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Now, why are we talking about cannabis sex products and do they really exist? Well, since the cannabis industry became so profitable and weed became legal, many entrepreneurs are creating various cannabis products that mimic the ones outside of the industry. Let us take a look at the kinds of cannabis sex products that have become popular and get ready for more to come.

Foria Cannabis Lubricant

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Back in stock CA! Were you missing us? We were missing you too! We should be available in many local dispensaries around the state, call ahead and ask for Foria to find us! . . #foria #relief #pleasure #explore #thc #moonmeds #cannabisismedicine #legalizeorgasms

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If you are a female, you might already be using a personal lubricant. Well, why not try one from a cannabis company like Foria? The Foria Cannabis Lubricant was specifically designed for the female species. Even if you are using a lubricant to enjoy better sex, you can still benefit from having your genitals get heightened with passion by using Foria. When you buy this lubricant, all you have to do is to spray it on your genitals a couple of times, but do so about one hour prior to a sexual encounter. This does not mean you will have a head high from it. All the lubricant does is to allow more blood to flow to your genitals and helping you to get ready for that sexual encounter. Foria Cannabis Lubricant is quite versatile because you can use it on sex toys and while experimenting with a sex partner.

Cannadom Condoms

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The Cannadom Condoms is flavored with cannabis and excellent for couples that are in love with the smell of weed. There are a wide variety of flavors including strawberry and banana. One thing to note is that these condoms do not have any THC and they have a delicious aroma. If you are having sex, you already should consider using condoms and so why not use something different and fun? This is especially true if you love pot or you are a pot smoker. The Cannadom Condoms give you a whole new meaning of enjoyment with pot.

Mary Jane Vibrator

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The Mary Jane Vibrator

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Mary Jane Vibrator is made by Ganja Vibes, which is a company that specializes in unique and innovative cannabis products. With this Mary Jane Vibrator, you will improve your sex life and increase the level of intimacy that you want to enjoy. The vibrator is shaped like a marijuana leaf; believe it or not. It is used to stimulate the genitals and as a way to masturbate, if you are going solo. It has a controller that has different speeds. You can choose to use it on low or high speed. The kit comes with a lubricated pleasure egg, which you can use alone. It was made for women and so this could be your new best friend.


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STRAINS FOR WOMEN CULTIVATED BY WOMEN…. LINK IN BIO..#Sexxpot #womengrow #smokingsisterssociety ~The Art Of Staying Connected ~ #smokingsisterssociety @meanlittlemomma420 #sincity#westcoast #vetrans #lasvegascannabis #autismawareness #ukcannabiscommunity #cannabiscures #autismacceptance #iamhhtv #womeninbusiness #smokeyours #weedstagram #cannabiscommunity #motivatedanddriven #addictedtomygrind #medicalmarijuana #cannabiscures #710society #justgethigh #lasvegasstrip #highsociety #tokerlifestyle #weedshops #brazil

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The Sexxpot was designed by Karyn Wagner who is a cannabis entrepreneur with a deep interest in THC strains. The Sexxpot has 14% THC, which is only 6% lower than the most common marijuana strains with high THC levels. Karyn Wagner describes this as a ‘sexy strain.' Karyn wanted to make a marijuana strain that had a lower dosage of THC specifically for women. But, she also wanted a strain that would give women more energy to want to have sex since so many women complain of being too tired to have sex. So, if you are a female searching for the perfect strain to get you in the mood for sex, check out Sexxpot, which is touted as a kind of natural Viagra for the female species.

Peter Piper Glass Pipe

Last, but not least, the Peter Piper Glass Pipe is an innovative and thoughtful invention. It can be used as both a glass pipe and 8 inch dildo. The Peter Piper Glass Pipe is made of hardened glass, which is quite similar to the kind of glass used to make a pyrex dish. This is the kind of toy that is a combination of weed plus sexual pleasure. This is so creative and there is no other product like it on the market. One side is the dildo and the other side is where you can enjoy a toke.

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