Top Cannabis Products In California For 2017

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The state of California is known as the central location to the cannabis culture and innovative cannabis products. Known as the “Golden State,” California had been behind the eight ball until other states got their approval for marijuana legalization. Now, California is a major part of the cannabis industry and market.

With so much competition and the growth in profitability, more jobs are opening up and so are more cannabis products being created by skilled people such as marijuana growers, breeders, product specialists and extract artists.

The Compilation

With 2017 coming to a close in a few days, the state of California wants to take a position in history for its implementation of innovative cannabis products, especially now that the state has legalized recreational marijuana. So, we have put together the top cannabis products that have graced the marketplace in the year 2017. Some of the picks that we have made below came from extensive research, consultation and testing. Many recommendations came from experts in the cannabis industry. Let's take stock.

Buds and Roses

Buds and Roses is one of the top boutique dispensary located in the city of Los Angeles, California. This dispensary is a favorite among celebrities such as actors and musicians in Hollywood. This small cannabis dispensary places emphasis on the curation of quality cannabis products and flowers on the market. Trained staff is hired to ensure quality and compliance. The owner, Aaron Justis has been known as an industry leader and popular marijuana activist.

Swami Select

Swami Select is located in Mendocino country in the state of California. The company operates out of a small farm in the hills of Northern California. The farm is sustainable with organic soil for quality harvest. The company hires cultivators and trimmers to create quality marijuana buds packaged in jars and ready for making cannabis products.

Quality Concentrates

If you are looking for the top concentrate products, check out Quality Concentrates located in Los Angeles, California. The company makes all its concentrates in a cutting edge lab using biotech hydrocarbon extraction process. They also use restrictive clinical conditions.

Lucky Box Club

The top subscription box located in the state of California is the Lucky Box Club. With a minimal monthly subscription, this company will be your personal shopper to search for the top cannabis products in California and deliver these cannabis products right to your door. By filling out a brief survey, the company will be able to modify their offerings to fit customer's specific needs.

Madame Munchie

Madame Munchie is located in the city of San Francisco, California and sells the best edibles in the state. These cannabis products are made by a pastry chef who is from Paris, but moved to the state of California with the intention of searching for marijuana liberation. He ended up being in a romantic relationship wtih a cannabis grower, second generation. The company is known for its macaron specialty product, which is infused with marijuana.

Doc Green’s Therapeutic Healing Cream

If you are looking for the best topical cream, check out Doc Green’s Therapeutic Healing Cream, which is located in the city of Berkeley in the state of California. Their cannabis products are created using raw extracts, which have high levels of THCA. The product also consist of shea butter, which is cannabinoid-infused and then combined with other essential oils and plant extracts. This topical cream is used to relieve pains and aches.

Wicked Glass Pipe

Located in Santa Cruz, California, Wicked Glass Pipe is one of the best cannabis accessories on the market. It has been on the market now for four years. If you are looking for a durable glass pipe, then this company is proud of its distinct and functional cannabis products.

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