Top Cannabis Products For Your Outdoor Expeditions

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Summer is here and what this means is that we will have a longer time to stay outdoors. For that reason, it is best to already have planned your summer. If you are an avid outdoor person, then you could consider various outdoor expeditions such as hiking on a trail or having picnics or barbeques in the park. What do you like to bring with you when you are hiking? What items do you exactly cannot do without? If you are a cannabis enthusiast, then you have to think about your pieces and also your cannabis products.

The Pieces

These pieces might include your glass bowl, bong, grinder, rolling paper for your joints and vaporizer. Every adventure seeker needs one or more of these pieces. For cannabis products, you can consider any type of edibles including brownies and cookies.

The Joint

One of the most favorite cannabis products to take outdoors with you is the rolling paper, marijuana strain and grinder so you can make your joint. You can buy pre-rolled joints to avoid carrying the grinder or cannabis strain. Or to save money, you can pre-roll your own joints to take with you. A joint will remain lit even while it is windy and so it is a must. It can also be easily shared with friends and it is lightweight enough not to make your backpack too overloaded. The disadvantage though is that it can be difficult to light up when it is windy. Make sure one of the cannabis products you bring is that extra baggie to keep your roaches. If you don't, then the roaches will make your backpack smell of weed.

The Vaporizer

A vaporizer is one of the cannabis products that you should seriously consider. Some of these vaporizers will make you fill them up with your most favorite strain. The vape pen allows you to bring cannabis oil with you for a smoother smoke while on the hiking trail or other outdoor location. The advantage of bringing along a vaporizer does not require a lighter and they are quite discreet with not much odor and you can take just a few puffs and get a high. The downside is that the oil cartridges give a somewhat different high. In addition, the batteries for the vaporizer can leave you stranded since it can run down.

Glass Pipes

You can bring along a glass pipe because it is also lightweight and the fire is easy to distinguish and also easy to be shared among friends. This is one of the proven consumption methods preferred by so many hikers. If you have a glass pipe, you should be aware that it can break while traveling and it can be hard to light up in the wind as well. In addition, you would have to stop and sit down in order to hit the glass pipe. It cannot be done while you are walking.

Rolling Papers

One of the top cannabis products is the RAW rolling paper. You would be smoking a natural product. These are made from unrefined materials and that includes pure hemp too. You don't have to roll your joint from scratch. You can buy the RAW cones to pack your cannabis inside instead of rolling a joint. The price varies by the kind of cannabis products.

Water Pipes

Bring your water pipe with you, but only if it is a small bubbler and something that will fit easily into your backpack. Make sure it is lightweight as well. Usually if it is made of silicone, it will be lightweight.


One of the top cannabis products to take on your outdoor expeditions is edibles. It will be easy to hide, meaning no one will know that you are actually getting high when you consume edibles. However, these might take up more space than other cannabis products and so you have to be mindful of this, choosing smaller portions to take along with you.

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