Ultimate Rove Carts Review and Fake Rove Carts Identification

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Vape Rove Carts have been among the most popular names that people use. Their popularity has increased the chances of you coming across their counterfeit. We for a fact know that there are several fake rove vape carts being sold online, and it is very easy to fall for the trap. Looking for rove cartridges? Read this article first!

Fake rove cart packaging is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from real rove carts.

We don’t blame the buyers because spotting counterfeit products like these has become increasingly difficult, thanks to the accuracy with which they package and label their products. To spot the fakes from the originals, you need the help of experts like us, which is why our blog today will help you. Read on to learn how to distinguish between the real deal and imitation.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear people asking are rove carts bad? Are rove carts fake? Are rove carts legit? Are your rove cartridges the real deal or fake? Do all rove carts have great taste? Let's find out!

What are Rove Carts

Rove carts refer to THC oil cartridges that are marketed as high-quality and premium products.

THC oil rove carts are small, disposable cartridges filled with cannabis concentrate. They are a popular way for consumers to enjoy their favorite flavors and strains of cannabis in a convenient and discreet way.

The rove carts contain THC distillate, an ultra-refined version of the psychoactive compound that can be vaped or taken sublingually using the included charger.

The Fake Rove Carts Lack a THC Label

The lab data stickers are exclusive to original Rove Carts and contain the composition of the ingredients used. What is unique about the original Rove Vape Cart packaging is that it also displays the amount of THC used in the product so you can make the right purchase.

However, it is unfortunate to see bogus Rove Cart packaging become more and more accurate at getting the minute details of the packaging down to perfection. You have to be more mindful of Rove Carts with lab details or CA stickers to ensure they are genuine.

Dont' fall for fake rove carts.

Rove cart fakes are becoming more and more popular unfortunately. Fake rove cartridges have grown immensely in popularity in the last 2 years.

Are Rove Carts Real?

Yes, they are real but you need to be able to know how to tell if rove carts are fake or not. Some rove cartridges are fake and others are real.

Rove carts brand

How to tell if a rove cart is fake

Rove carts fake people out sometimes when they look very similar to real ones. Rove dab carts are unique and rove carts packaging is important to identify before making a purchase. Fake rove carts can be identified with some close inspection.

Real rove carts need to be spotted and confirmed. How to tell if rove carts are fake is important to do before buying one.

How to know if a rove cart is fake and how to spot a fake rove cart is a must for anyone looking to get into rove carts. Don't fall for fake ones!

There are many ways to tell if a THC rove cart is fake. Firstly, make sure that the packaging is not tampered with or damaged. If it appears to have been mishandled or opened, you may want to avoid it and opt for another product.

Secondly, look at the ingredients listed on the packaging–it should list only cannabis distillate as its active ingredient.

Also look out for other indicators such as too-good-to-be-true price points, poor labelling that doesn’t include clear instructions for use, or logos and branding that don’t match up with reputable companies in the industry.

Rove carts
Are rove carts legit?

No sticker showing THC content= a fake Rove cartridge

Rove cart puts the THC % on their packages in California.

In Nevada Rove will put the cannabinoid profile on the cartridge.

If you don’t see a THC % listed on your rove cart, it’s one of the fake rove cartridges!

Rove Cart QR Code Scanner

Every Rove Cart product has a unique QR code that can be verified on the app Rove to spot a genuine product. Before making your purchase make sure to check the QR code on their app to make sure you’re buying an original.

A real Rove Cart QR Code will confirm it as a “genuine rove product” and the fake ones may indicate the QR already being in use or an invalid QR code. Rove carts QR code are great for finding real rove carts and not fake ones. Look for the qr code on rove cartridges every time before buying. Look for a qr code on all your rove cartridges.

Real Rove Cart Packaging

Real Rove Vape Carts Come with a Lab Data Sticker!

All state-legal cannabis products should include a sticker with lab data results somewhere in or on the packaging. With Rove carts, the sticker can be found directly on the cart itself.

Legit vape brands will never print things like THC content directly onto the packaging. That’s because every cannabis product batch has varying levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, and the values won’t be identical among different batches. That’s why you want to locate that sticker, for peace of mind. And the qr code on rove carts.

Only Buy From Authorized Rove Cart Retailers

How to spot fake rove carts? This is a no-brainer but we see people making the mistake of purchasing Rove Carts from unauthorized dealers and websites. If you are looking for rove carts online, make sure the store you purchase them from shows up on Rove’s store locator.

The rove carts website list from Rove's store locator shows legit Rove cart manufacturers, with Rove Carts official website list.

If you have bought a Rove Cart from locations other than the ones mentioned on the site, you probably own a dud. Look for registered trademarks on rove cartridges before buying one. A registered trademark is usually a symbol or logo that will indicate it is their trademark.

Are Fake Rove Carts Safe?

Rove carts. Are rove carts real?

No, fake rove carts are not safe and can cause serious harm to your health.  Look for rove cart packaging with sticker, qr code, and California or Nevada on the packaging,

RoveBrand carts are legit and licensed for legal sale in both Nevada and California. Unfortunately some manufacturers are producing  knock-off versions of Rove Carts that have not been lab tested for quality.

Rove Carts Only In Nevada and California

Rove is licensed only in California and Nevada, which is why they are available locally. If you spot a bunch of Rove Carts elsewhere, it is most likely either smuggled into the area or a knock-off product.

However, do you want to risk your health finding out whether it is real or fake?

Buying fake Carts does more than rip buyers off their hard-earned money. It also puts them at risk of contracting dangerous medical problems because the true composition of counterfeit rove carts is not known.

Rather than being rushed to the ER because of using fake products, it is always prudent to buy them only from legitimate stores in California and Nevada. Rove carts are not always found in all major cities and sometimes people find themselves buying fake rove carts die to this fact!

Rove Carts Review

Rove carts are a solid product as long as you buy real rove carts. Rove has been in business since 2016 and their products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced from trusted cannabis farms.

Rove Carts Potency

All Rove vape cartridges are very potent with high THC levels. Each rove cart cartridge tests in the ranges of 70 to 80 percent THC and 1-2 percent CBD.

Rove Carts Price

Rove carts price varies based on the type. Top buy rove carts it is recommended to find a retailer in California or Nevada. How much are rove carts? How much is a rove cart you say?

Rove carts are $40 per gram. Or 5 grams for $100. Rove carts used to be sold on Weedmaps. Now it is best to go into a store in California or Nevada who is licensed to sell Rove carts.

Some sellers in California are selling 1/2 gram Rove Carts for $30 and 1 gram Rove carts for $35.

Rove Carts Flavors

Rove carts comes in various flavors and can have great taste. Here are all rove cart flavors:


A cross between Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani with dark berry notes.


A sweet peachy puree with fruit-like flavor.


Indica dominant hybrid with subtle notes of citrus and fruit, sweet, minty flavor.


This Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough cross is a sativa dominant hybrid with sweet, strawberry, diesel flavors.


A potent hybrid strain with pungent, earthy, sour undertones.


A sativa dominant hybrid with tropical, earthy, lemon flavors.



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  1. Rove carts are great. I like all the rove cart flavors. I found the real rove carts to be safe. Fake rove carts don’t have the qr code.

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