5 Best Marijuana Lighter Alternatives

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Universally, a marijuana lighter is thought to be the most convenient and easiest ways for combustion, especially for smoking a marijuana joint or cannabis bowl. These are inexpensive, compact and reliable to be used by any cannabis enthusiast. You should always have a marijuana lighter alternative on hand, if you don't have a regular lighter. There are usually some good alternatives that you might not even know existed. While some of these are quirky and works well, there are others that are already proven to be beneficial, even though, this may be quite surprising. Let's us now look at four of the best marijuana lighter alternatives that have become popular due to their practicality, wackiness and usefulness.

Hemp Wicks

If you don't like to inhale butane, then you could consider using hemp wick, which is a great alternative. Hemp twine or hemp wick that is immersed in beeswax is quite popular among smokers who prefer not to use butane. There are some people that would present the argument that hemp wick might have a better flavor when it is smoked using lower combustion temperatures. In addition, the smoker is able to control the flame and everyone knows that it is easy to handle wick because of the malleability. Most people categorize wick as a source of combustion such as marijuana lighter. One of the well known methods of transporting hemp wick is wrapping it around the base of the marijuana lighter, using the lighter spark to light the wick.

Flame-Free Marijuana Lighter

Some marijuana lighters are free of flame, but not like the ones filled with butane. This product is quite new to the cannabis market and recently has been very popular. They come in several designs, each one not requiring fuel or flame.  Some people call them ‘windproof.' The designs use arcs or plasma coils. This particular marijuana lighter will heat up to very high temperatures, capable of combusting a glass pipe or rolled joint filled with weed. You have other designs to choose from in this category such as the Tesla Coil marijuana lighter, which uses a small spark. Like all other marijuana lighters, there are some designs that work better than others and will give you a better marijuana experience.

Glass Wand Marijuana Lighter

Glass wands, also known as ‘greevo sticks' are some of the most unique marijuana lighter alternatives that can be used in cannabis consumption. If you were to go to a glass shop, you would find these small wonders that work wonders and are so convenient to carry around.

They have simple functions. All you have to do is to heat up the wand until it is fiery hot and then allow it to cool for only a few seconds, after which you would press the wand into your pipe to get an instant combustion or vaporization. Greevo sticks or glass wands are efficient because they heat the weed up to the point of its combustion level and then the smoke or vapor is directed into the device.

Magnifying Glass

The magnifying glass is one of those unique and obscure alternatives to the marijuana lighter. It might sound crazy, but if you just use a little finesse, you can pull this off. If you can use this trick at one of your marijuana parties, you can definitely get the ‘oohs and aahs' that you are looking for. Hold the magnifying glass where there is a sunbeam. Make sure it is about twelve inches from your cannabis bowl and then you just wait until the sunlight comes through the beam onto the magnifying glass to create a flare that will ignite. But you will need a lot of direct sunlight for sure.  The flare will cause the combustion to happen, lighting the weed in your bowl. Cool, isn't it?

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/joshhulstein/1895979553/

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