Best Marijuana Jars for Storing Weed

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Dried up, yellowed cannabis is any connoisseur’s worst nightmare. You can tell if cannabis is still fresh by doing the crumbling test – if it crumbles, it’s probably not that fresh anymore. To keep buds vibrant and fresh over a longer period of time, we suggest one of the listed containers instead that will preserve the flavor, scent and trichomes.

In fact, the best marijuana jars for storing weed can actually cure the buds, which enhances potency. If you want to learn how to store marijuana in a way that maintains its quality, locks in smell, and keeps it away from prying eyes, these weed storage solutions include childproof options as well. Read on and choose the right storage containers for your cannabis storing needs.

How to Keep an Ounce Fresh

  1. Keep it at a cool, dry and dark place
  2. Use A sealed glass Jar (Mason Jar), Stash Can for smell-proof storage
  3. Use Sealed Bags
  4. Get A Humidor

Different Types Of Marijuana Jars

Stash Cans

Proper stash cans are aimed at the DIY smoker and will perfectly hide your stash. It works the same as other stash cans – with a smell-proof plastic container inside. So, the answer to the question posed is affirmative. Find a proper stash can and rest assured there will be no smell association whatsoever.


If you’re in a bind and have Tupperware containers to spare in you your kitchen cupboards, they could certainly come in handy. While some people have reported decent protective results from Tupperware, it’s important to test with Tupperware or any of your smell-proof container selections that they can stand the test of time.

A Tupperware container may be largely odor free initially, however within 24 hours, it may begin to radiate a familiar aroma. If that happens, do yourself and your stash a favor and upgrade to a mason jar or stash can as soon as possible.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are famous as the go-to storage container among cannabis smokers for some good reasons. They’re used for pickling and other long-term food storage methods too, so you can be absolutely sure they’re going to be effective at blocking the dankest of weed smells.

Mason jars are available in various sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your stash. (Please see below for more on choosing the right size for curing weed). Experts recommend storing your herb away from direct sunlight in a smell-proof herb container such as a mason jar to ensure that your flowers stay as fresh as possible, even for long periods of time.

While a Mason jar is a solid choice, it’s not perfect while you’re traveling. Mason jars are ideal for storing your herb at your home. The Mason jar is on our list of the best marijuana jars for storing weed for good reason: It’s affordable and reliable. Many people already have these stocked in their homes as they can be used to hold any amount of product and are sold in a variety of sizes.

Mason jar lids are made with a rubber ring on the inside for means of creating a hermetic seal that ensures airtight storage of your cannabis. Amber Mason jars offer protection from light degradation, while regular clear Mason doesn’t keep out the light. When curing cannabis, remember to keep the jars in a cool, darkish place, in any case.

What Size Mason Jar for Curing Weed is Ideal?

Ideally, you want to balance cost-effectiveness with performance and ease of use. The ideal storage containers for marijuana buds is wide-mouthed glass mason jars. These can be found without too much trouble at big grocery stores, craft stores, online, and at superstores like Walmart.

As cannabis cultivation becomes more popular, these mason jars are simultaneously appearing more widely. You want mason jars that hold 1 quart or 32oz of cannabis buds. Each of these jars has the capacity to hold an ounce of dried buds, but it can be more or less depending on the consistency of your buds.

One-quart glass mason jars have proven to be an ideal size for properly curing cannabis. You want to fill each jar about ¾ full, so there’s still a bit of air left. If you shake the jars, the buds should be able to move around. If they’re sticking together, it means they’re still too wet and you should leave the lids off for a while to help the drying process.

The classic half-gallon mason jar is another good choice for curing weed. It has an airtight seal, fair storage capacity, and a wide mouth for easy insertion. With that said, our favorite jar to cure weed is the 2.5 gallon glass jar. The large size of this jar combined with the low price makes it a true winner for curing marijuana. These jars are made of thick glass and have large capacities.

Where to Buy Marijuana Jars

  • com

This is your one-stop shop for glass jars and wholesale jars with lids in all shapes and sizes. Inventory is always in stock and ready to ship.

  • Berk’s 

O’Berks bulk selection of glass jars provides ideal packaging solutions for cannabis-related storage.

  • Amazon

Amazon offers a selection of glass jars in bulk, should you be so inclined.

  • Fillmore Containers

Browse a variety of glass containers, canning accessories, candle supplies, and lids including mason jars, candle jars, beverage lids, and more.

Putting The Lid on The Best Marijuana Jars for Storing Weed

Storing your cannabis in an environment with too much moisture is never a good idea. Then again, if it gets too dry, you'll lose the flavor and aroma. Properly curing your cannabis is all about letting it dry slowly – and patiently. With the right storage jars on hand, you’re already halfway there.

Of course, the flavors and aromas imparted by the plant's terpenes are part of what makes each strain unique and it’s just more enjoyable to smoke cannabis that doesn't taste like old hay. Proper weed storage matters for these obvious reasons – and we highly recommend the storage jars mentioned in this article to achieve the results you seek – odorless.

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