Fun Christmas Gifts for Marijuana Growers
Christmas gifts for cannabis growers. Stack of presents.

Fun Christmas Gifts for Marijuana Growers

As the Christmas holidays roll around, it can be quite stressful to find gifts for loved ones including family and friends. If you happen to be friends or have a family member how is one of the marijuana growers in your area, we have come up with some fun ideas for getting a themed gift for someone during the holidays. You don't want to disappoint your family or friend, right? With these gift ideas below, you definitely will not.

Magical Butter Machine

The Magical Butter Machine is an excellent gift for all marijuana growers. Why? Well, it helps to make edibles the easy way. Edibles take effort, but they also take hard work and can be quite a unique process. Having the Magical Butter Machine will lighten the load for marijuana growers. You can make things like cannabutter, cookies, and other pastries. Using the machine, you will be able to extract the oil needed for the cannabis products. The Magical Butter Machine was made to be used at home. It is similar to a rice cooker. To make cannabutter, the ingredients would be butter and marijuana. The machine helps to infuse the ingredients. The process takes around two hours, but you end up getting a smooth and marijuana-infused product.

Hidden Safe

If you have never seen a Hidden Safe, then you are in for a treat and so will all of the marijuana growers who want to stash away heir weed in a safe place. The Hidden Safe has a secret compartment o do just that and guess what? They all look as if they are cleaning supplies and not hidden safes. The Hidden Safe looks like Ajax that you use in your home and actually have powder inside that looks like the real Ajax. You will fool anyone.

Smoke Buddy

Smoke Buddy or Sploofy, which is another brand helps to reduce the smell of marijuana. Marijuana growers are oftentimes weed smokers. So this really cool gadget will minimize the scent, even when in an open area, which is highly ventilated. In fact, some marijuana growers will try to be creative by breathing the smoke into the empty cardboard roll from the toilet paper, filling it with smoke to reduce the odor of weed smoking. This is a homemade product and may not work all the time and that is where the Smoke Buddy comes in and is similar to what the homemade cardboard roll does. Sploofy has a higher price tag, but comes with replaceable cartridges. The Smoke Buddy is lower in price with a choice of colors, but cannot be replaced once all its carbon has been utilized.

MFLB Vaporizer

Amazon sells this MFLB Vaporizer for an affordable price, something you can buy for any of the marijuana growers that you are familiar with.  Every marijuana smoker or grower needs a vaporizer. It is better to use one of these than mess up your lungs with smoking weed all the time from a joint. Use the vaporizer in between smoking a joint. It will definitely save your lungs. There are two primary vaporizers that you could consider; either the Tabletop or Portable Vaporizer. The portable vaporizer is more convenient to take around with you.

Marijuana Growing Book

All marijuana growers should have the Marijuana Growing Book. Even if you are not a cannabis grower, you could still get the book as it provides tons of information about growing and cultivating weed. Whether you are an avid reader or not, you will find this book useful when you feel like picking up a book and reading it. Your marijuana grower friend or family will love you for this excellent Christmas gift.

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