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Growing cannabis with compact fluorescent lights is a great way to keep your plants happy while keeping heat and energy consumption low. Indoor cannabis cultivation in small, confined spaces calls for compact fluorescent lights with their soft white color temperatures.

For a stealth marijuana grow in a small space, CFLs are definitely your best option. While the question that arises revolves around more specific options on the market, this article lists a selection of some of the best CFL Lights for growing weed.

1. MaxLite Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

One of the best soft white CFL bulbs available, this compact light runs on 26 watts of power and has an appearance similar to most traditional incandescent bulbs. With a standard GU-24 bi-pin base, this light fits in most lighting fixtures.

With its quick-starting electron ballast that operates without flickering, this light is really user-friendly. The MaxLite is also cleverly energy saving and can last up to ten thousand hours. Generally, it requires four or five MaxLite MLS26GUWW6 Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs to produce some really decent cannabis flowers.

2. Agrobrite 26-Watt Spiral Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb

For beginners with small growing spaces, the Agrobrite Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb comes highly recommended. With only 26 watts, this light emits an equivalent of a 130-watt incandescent bulb. As a favorite daylight CFL bulb with a color spectrum that ranges between blue and white, the Agrobrite is one of the best CFL lights for growing weed; especially ideal for the vegetative stage.

To achieve the desired outcome in terms of both flowering quality and vegetative growth, you would need five bulbs – which can also be used to grow seedlings with. This spiral looking CFL grow-bulb is built to fit in all standard lighting fixtures, and can last up to an estimated ten thousand growing hours.

3. Westinghouse 3667000, 5-Watt CFL Light Bulb

One of the best CFL lights for growing weed in the early seedling or clone stages, is the Westinghouse 3667000 CFL Light Bulb. Emitting an equivalent of 25 watts by incandescent bulbs, this light produces a soft white light is ideal for delicate growing in the earlier stages of the cannabis plant.

As a major benefit of the Westinghouse 5-watt, the amount of heat it emits makes it impossible to ever burn your plants. By placing this light bulb 2 inches away from the top growth points of the plants themselves, you will attain best results. Compatible with most standard light fixtures, this light can help you grow for a good ten thousand hours.

4. SunBlaster CFL Self Ballasted Propagation Lamp

The SunBlaster CFL Propagation lamp has 26 watts of power and provides the full spectrum lighting required by propagated cannabis plants to thrive. At an affordable price, these lights are easily obtainable, and will proverbially replace incandescent bulbs of 100 watts.

This light bulb is ideal for propagation usage, and also during the later stages of cannabis plant growth. It creates a cool natural light comparable to natural daylight with a brightness of 1700 lumens.

5. Satco S7334 40-Watt Hi-Pro Spiral CFL Bulb

The Satco S7334 Hi-Pro Spiral CFL bulb is one of the best CFL lights for growing weed during the flowering stage of cannabis. The CFL grow light produces a warm white light powered by 40 watts that is equivalent to the light output of an incandescent bulb of 150 watts. This great grow light comes with an E26 medium base socket suited to fit in all standard light fixtures.

With an instant-on feature integrated into the electronic ballasts, this light is easy to operate and efficient in its purpose. There’s no flickering during operation and you can grow with this light for ten thousand hours maximum. The Satco Spiral Bulb also boasts an energy star rating and is UL listed.

6. Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System

If you’re looking for supplemental lighting in your cannabis grow space, you might do well to consider getting the Hydrofarm Agrobrite CFL Fluorowing System. Comprising a compact reflector hood, a dew-guard and a 125-watt bulb, this is one good all-in-one CFL system.

The reflector hood conveniently increases the coverage of light in your growing space, while the lamp produces a bright white light that effectively powers a complete plant cycle. With a one-year guarantee, this CFL is hard to resist.

7. Apollo Horticulture 60-watt CFL

The Apollo Horticulture 60W CFL grow light offers a bright, white light that’s ideal for indoor plants, while the Kelvin color spectrum is suitable for vegetative and flowering stages without struggles.

The Apollo Horticulture is the real deal when it comes to producing a stable supply of ounces regularly for yourself. With an incandescent equivalence of 250W, this bright, powerful light will undoubtedly help your plants grow strong and beautiful.

On the upside, this CFL bulb doesn’t use a lot of electricity, while it may set you back a pretty penny. Still, the Apollo remains a popular choice of bulb among indoor cannabis growers. In the light of possible defects, this bulb comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In Conclusion: Choosing the Best CFL Grow Light

Choosing to grow with CFL grow lights means investing in a long-lasting bulb that doesn’t use nearly the same amount of wattage as incandescent lights, and yet outputs an impressive number of lumens.

While all of the bulbs above are great choices for different reasons, you might choose one that suits your personal preferences and growing style most. Get one of the best CFL lights today and get as close to sunlight as you can, indoors.

Grow weed with CFL lights and you'll be surprised how cost effective they can be.



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