Best Marijuana Grinders
Best marijuana grinders. A marijuana grinder filled with weed.
Best marijuana grinders.

Great weed deserves the best marijuana grinders. A good grinder is a helpful tool when you want to cut up your weed so you can quickly make a joint or blunt. These days, there are various types of models on the market and many of them are becoming quite popular. So we’ve put together a list of the best marijuana grinders on the market.

Before you make your joint, you have to cut up the dried flowers so that it can be grounded enough to be smoked. When the weed is grounded, it can be used not only in a joint, but also a vaporizer and bong. Whatever the situation, your cannabis nuggets are able to better perform once they are pared down and made into smaller pieces.

You can still cut up your weed without a cannabis grinder, but it just makes the process so much easier as it allows the user to avoid wasting buds. And more importantly, if you were to use other methods such as a pair of scissors, it makes the process a little more messy and sticky because of the resin. And with sticking fingers, it will be more challenging to pack your vaporizer or bong or even to build a joint. With sticky fingers, use of rolling papers can be quite a frustrating feat. 

Varieties of Weed Grinders

As mentioned before, there are several types of cannabis grinders for purchase these days; possibly too many to decipher and determine the top ones to buy. Some of these cannabis grinders are simple to use; looking like a small grater used to grate cheese. Others are basic with a single chamber to grind the marijuana buds and then tap the grounded weed into a bowl. And then there are some that are more complex with multiple chambers, which are able to catch the kief and nugs separately. In so doing, the kief is collected in one chamber and stored so it can be used later to make concentrates or hash. Let us now look at some our favorite weed grinders you can consider. 

EHLE XXL Grinder

One of the top pot grinders is the EHLE XXL, which is quite large and wide in size. If you have a large appetite for weed, then this would be the ideal one for you because it allows you to prepare a large quantity of weed in one sitting. It is quite durable, heavy duty and strong and made of high quality aluminum.  With this grinder, you will be able to catch all the resin and every chunk of weed because each section makes it possible to separate everything. 

Black Leaf THC Grinder

Another one of the top cannabis grinders is the Black Leaf THC Grinder, which is free of any friction; making it easier to grind. It will grind your weed so it is ready to use; and emptying the lower chamber, you will see a collection of kief. It can fit in the pocket for easy travel. 

Solinder Grinder

The Solinder Grinder has a center chamber to catch the grounded buds without leaving any resin on your finger. This is one of the cannabis grinders whose components are made of CNC aluminum.  Once you fill the chamber with grounded weed, you can put it on top of your bong. 

SLX 2.0 Grinder

The SLX 2.0 is one of the most distinctive cannabis grinders. There are four chambers on this grinder and it is made of strong and durable aluminum. With this grinder, you don’t have to be concerned about sticky resins. Nor do you have to consider using isopropyl alcohol to clean it. It is of the highest quality, the teeth are sharp and the threadless filters can be easily clipped in. 

24K Gold Grinder

Phoenician Gold Grinder-opulent-grinders-4-piece-grinder-phoenician-grinders

If you are looking for bling, then you could consider the 24K Gold Grinder. It is one of the top cannabis grinders that delivers to the user solid performance. Your weed will be prepared the way you want, especially if you don't want to waste any kief. 

High End Cannabis Grinders 



We hope you have enjoyed the best marijuana grinders on the market and find the best one for your needs!




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