$3.2 Million Dollars in Legal Marijuana Sold in Illinois on First Day
Legal Cannabis sales in Illinois

$3.2 Million Dollars in Legal Marijuana Sold in Illinois on First Day

$3.2 Million dollars in legal marijuana sold in Illinois on the first day of recreational cannabis stores being open according to the state.

There were 77,000 retail transactions for cannabis which netted close to $3.2 million dollars in legal marijuana for the state!

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation reported 77,128 transactions were completed at marijuana dispensaries in Illinois, producing a whopping $3,176,256.71 on Day 1 of legal cannabis for the state.

As we start a new decade, Illinois has achieved a monumental milestone,” said Toi Hutchinson, senior advisor to the governor for cannabis control, in a statement, “Launching the legalization of cannabis in a way that includes communities left behind for far too long, creates good jobs and expunges thousands of records for those who have lost out on opportunities and ends prohibition.”

Thousands of Illinois residents lined up early to get in line and get their legal weed. 

Tim King, a resident of Glenview Illinois who waited more than an hour in the cold said “I am so excited our state finally has legal marijuana recreationally and am proud to be one of the first supporters of the program.”

Some of the recreational dispensaries were so busy that they needed to use paging systems like when you wait for a table at a restaurant.

EarthMed Dispensary in Chicago gave the first 100 customers a commemorative T-shirt with their purchase.

Jeffrey Zorn, CEO of the leading Illinois cannabis college said “This is great for the state of Illinois. The taxes generated will be staggering, and the proceeds can go to help many areas in need within the state. Numerous cannabis jobs will be created as well and it is nice to see the residents embracing it. We have added updated laws at Cannabis Training University for all states, including Illinois, and are excited about what the future holds.”

In Illinois recreational weed stores, pot purchases are restricted to anyone 21 and older with a government-issued ID. 

Non-Illinois residents cannot purchase as much as residents and all weed purchases must be made in cash.

Jane Bush, a long time Chicago resident said “Wow, $3.2 million dollars in legal marijuana sold in Illinois on first day? I never thought I would see the day!”

Illinois residents may possess up to 30 grams of the dried cannabis, five grams of marijuana concentrate and 500 milligrams of THC in edible cannabis products, while nonresidents of Illinois may only possess half those amounts.

As of today, 43 cannabis stores in Illinois have received permission to sell recreational weed.

Recreational cannabis is also fully legal in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Vermont, while more than 30 states allow the sale of cannabis for medical use in the US.

Look to CannabisReports.org for further information on Illinois recreational cannabis laws as they unfold. 

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