Top Stoner Hobbies To Start While You’re High

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There are plenty of hobbies to start while you're high. When you are stoned or ‘high,' you don't have to sit down and just do nothing! There are so many things that stoners can do. If you are one of those people looking to choose from several stoner hobbies, we have done the research for you and you can do all of this while you are high on THC.

We have come across some really fun stoner hobbies that you will enjoy while you have smoked your weed and feel that high. Yes, marijuana can be a good boost to complete these stoner hobbies.

The Myth

As you know, not all stoners re lazy and sit in the sofa eating junk food all day. That is the myth you should dispel from your mind. Most stoners are quite productive.  They raise families, work and participate in interesting activities during their free time. Most stoners like to be involved in activities that are creative and artistic. Many people believe that Shakespeare and Picasso smoked weed while working to create their masterpieces. Who knows? Anyway, some stoner hobbies could include drawing, sculpting and photography, if that is your kind of thing, but there are other activities that can draw out your creative juices while smoking weed.


If you love to garden and you boast a green thumb, then gardening is one of the stoner activities that you should consider. There are many people that love to garden, whether they smoke weed or not. However, it makes you more creative when you do. If you do have a garden or not, then try gardening as one of the stoner hobbies you can do while you are high. You can plant flowers, veggies, marijuana plants and herbs and spices. There are specific crops that are easier to plant than others. While you don't need experience, one thing you must have while gardening is patience. If you are going to plant weed, make sure it is legal to do so and choose strains that will grow successfully such as Green Crack, Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue. These cannabis strains don't need as much maintenance.

Build Car, Ship or Airplane Models

If you are into cars, airplanes or ships, then you could build small models and use that to start your stoner hobby. This will allow you to use your creative talent and get involved in something that you love. It will definitely give you a sense of pride when you complete one model. You can get your family involved as well.

Creating Music

This is one of the stoner hobbies that are great for people with a music background or an interest in music. Most musicians and artists smoke weed to boost their creativity. If you fall into this category, then you are already gifted enough to use your talent as a stoner hobby.  One stoner that used his talent while he was high was Robert “Bob” Marley, now deceased, but was a Jamaican reggae artist known to have traveled the world. He made beautiful reggae music that people from all walks of life are enjoying even now.


One of the stoner hobbies that you could consider is fishing, even if you have never done this before. However, you might have to wait until the summertime or springtime as this is better weather for fishing.


If you are an outdoorsy person, then try hiking as long as the weather is conducive. Pack a bag with all the necessities that you would need and don't forget your weed. You could also bring a group of smokers to a camping site for the weekend to enjoy the outdoors.


So many people love to cook. If you don't, then why not start cooking up a storm at home while stoned. At least, this will quench your munchies. This is one of the best stoner hobbies to get involved with, if you want to have something to eat while being stoned.

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