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Cannabis use is getting more popular than ever before because of the legalization of cannabis and more people are smoking too. There are also many women who are embracing the idea of smoking cannabis and as it becomes legal in more states, many advocates think that more women should use cannabis for various reasons.

In the grand scheme of things, more women should use cannabis and we have come up with the top reasons why. In recent years past, smoking cannabis has become an accepted activity for many, including women. In addition to its health benefits, cannabis has other advantages for both men and women. Other countries are loosening up their cannabis laws and because of this new trend, many think that progress is being made and so, it will only get better.

The Weed Community

The cannabis community, though still has male dominance more than female. It is changing a little, but not as much as it should. Society has accepted the fact that many people use cannabis and there are women who take pride in doing so, regardless of how others feel about it. But, there are women who are still afraid of letting people know that they indulge in this habit. It is a culture that is getting noticed and so more women will come out of their closet. Nothing is there to be ashamed of because cannabis is supposed to be part of the ‘healing of the land,' as most advocates will swear to. Let us look at some of the reasons why women use cannabis.

The Popular Women of Weed

First, to put your mind at ease, if you are a female, there are some strong and well-known women that already indulge in this habit and there are some celebrities that we can name; Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst, Rihanna, Melanie Griffiths, Paris Hilton, Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Anniston; just to name a few. Whoopi Goldberg has gone full-fledged into the cannabis business and she got in while she was trying to find a cure for her glaucoma.

Paris Hilton got arrested because she possessed cannabis and was caught with it. Snoop Dogg used to sell cannabis when he was in High School and Cameron Diaz purchased some from him. It is said that Melanie Griffiths and her older kids use cannabis together. There are many more females that would admit to smoking cannabis, but are not ready to put it out in the open.

Pain, Anxiety and PMS

Of course, we all know that many women suffer from PMS and as a result might endure symptoms like anxiety, cramps and pain during their bout of PMS. There are over-the-counter pain killers and pills to combat PMS, but not all of them work as efficiently as women want and so that is why some of them use cannabis. Many women have PMS so bad that they have to get prescribed medication, but those come with side effects. The THC in the cannabis has been known to alleviate symptoms such as bloating, nausea and headaches.

The Stress

Many times, it is said that women have more stress than men because of they have to multitask more than men do. For that reason, when stress sets in, a woman wants to use cannabis to get that chilled feeling. Weed helps the woman to relieve her anxiety and stress, giving her a calmer exterior and a low-keyed state of mind. In other words, it provides more balance for her, giving her a more positive outlook.

Weight Gain

When a woman decides to use cannabis, she might be doing so to lose weight or manage her weight gain. Yes, many say that cannabis can help you to lose weight as other women have proven. Of course, you all know that you still have to maintain a healthy diet and include exercise into your daily routine.

Final Summary

If women use cannabis, it is said to help them to improve their sex lives. In so doing, they will be happier wives, girlfriends and partners. It will also give them more confidence and courage. No longer will the woman be shy when she decides to use cannabis. It is that simple!

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