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Pot doc standing in front of a field of marijuana plants.
Pot Doc in California standing in front of a marijuana field

In this article we will discuss some of the top rated pot docs in California. After almost forty years working in the medical field, Dr. David Bearman appeared to have become one of the most trusted old-fashioned physicians with no fear of trying new things. Dr. Bearman’s resume is long and he has an unblemished record. He chose to become one of the best pot docs in California. Dr. Bearman provides recommendations and approval for medical cannabis to patients who need it the most. He follows the California legislation to give recommendations to medical cannabis patients suffering from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS and chronic pain.

His Medical Practice

Dr. Bearman operates a medical practice that is controversial because of course, there are some people in society that do not agree with the use of medical marijuana. For Dr. Bearman, this has been a lonely professional journey, but one that he is not ready to quit.

The Few Exceptions

Even though, it is legal to use and recommend medical cannabis to those who are seriously ill, many doctors do not want to turn into pot docs, for various reasons. However, Dr. Bearman and a few others are the exception to the rule. There are roughly fifteen physicians in the state of California that are called pot docs, even by their own friends and family members. All of these pot doctors claim credit for almost half of California’s one hundred thousand medical cannabis recommendations in the past years since marijuana has been approved for medical use.

The Pioneers

Along with Dr. Bearman who practices medicine in Santa Barbara are:

  • Frank Lucido, family medical pot doctor who practices in Berkeley, California
  • Tod Mikuriya, Peripatetic in the Bay Area of California

Dr. Mikuriya is a medical cannabis pioneer and one of the best pot docs. He has written over eight thousand recommendations for medical marijuana patients.

The Criticism

All of these pot docs have been criticized for their stance on medical marijuana. As many as eleven of these medical pot docs have been investigated by California’s Board of Medicine. However, half of these cases were closed with none of these pot docs formally accused. A pot doctor in Northern California was accused and put on professional probation for three years. Another pot doc was accused of falsifying medical cannabis approvals. He was not able to practice medicine for two years and was put on probation for five years. However, most of these pot docs obey the law and follow the medical guidelines.

Old Grudges

Some officials from the Medical Board indicate that the issue is not the cannabis, but how the pot docs practice their medicine. It is important that medical cannabis patients are thoroughly examined and discuss alternative options with the patients. As far as pot docs are concerned, the attacks on them seem to be related to ‘old grudges’ from the Medical Board. These doctors say that they were singled out because they do not like the idea that marijuana was legalized. Many opponents from the Medical Board think that marijuana is a drug and that pot docs are just being enablers. But, since marijuana is legal, there is not much they can do about it now as long as the doctors follow the legal guidelines.

Dr. Bearman and his peers continue to serve their communities and they do not seem to have any intention of caving in.

Now that you've seen the top rated pot docs in California you can visit and go get your medical marijuana card.

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