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Recreational marijuana and medical cannabis have become legal in the state of Colorado. The pot docs in the state of Colorado are certified and able to write medical cannabis recommendations for ill patients. Most of the pot docs in Colorado are pre-registered in the MMJ system. After receiving a recommendation from a Colorado weed doc, the patient is able to apply for their “Red Card” or medical cannabis card. Residents in Colorado have to be 21 years or older to buy marijuana from any licensed dispensary or cannabis shop. Therefore, it is essential to have a medical cannabis card to do so and to get one; you have to contact one of the recommended pot docs in the state.

The Red Card

With a Red Card, patients can cultivate more marijuana plants at home. Patients also pay a reduced fee on sales tax and they receive access to various cannabis strains. They can also purchase two ounces of medical cannabis rather than one ounce allowed for recreational marijuana users. Prior to making an appointment with one of Colorado's pot docs, you must bring some kind of medical documents from your primary care doctor. The documents must describe your medical condition and the treatments that you have been receiving from said physician.

The Recommendation

A copy of the pot doc's recommendation has to be given to the marijuana dispensary where the weed is being purchased. The dispensary keeps it on file so as to accommodate and comply with the regulations and guidelines within the state of Colorado. The recommended document given to the marijuana dispensary should have the plant strain and ounce count that has been approved by the pot doc.

Once you have applied for your Red Card, you can just print out the approval and take with you to the dispensary to buy weed. You don't have to wait until you get the actual card in the mail. The certificate received from the weed doc would have already been in the MMJ system for the dispensary to double check. To receive recommendation for medical cannabis, the Department of Health advices that you ask a primary physician for a referral, but we have put together a list of pot docs below that you can contact.

Healthy Choices Unlimited

Healthy Choices Unlimited is located in Montrose, Colorado. The company offers medical cannabis patients an extensive evaluation that complies with the Colorado medical marijuana laws. Dr. Barry Bialek is at the end of the organization. He has three years experience in cannabis medicine. Patients can expect individualized attention from Dr. Bialek so as to improve their health. At Healthy Choices Unlimited, patients will receive a complete service package to help with the application process. Patients who are qualified can possess, buy and start using their medical marijuana on the same day the application is approved.

Cohen Medical Centers

Cohen Medical Centers is located in Denver, Colorado. The company is strongly dedicated to the medical evaluation of local residents who have an interest in using medical marijuana for debilitating or chronic disorders. The staff is friendly and all the medical professionals go out of their way to provide compassionate patient care in a positive and caring environment. The company works alongside the Department of Heath Environment Marijuana Division and so they are always equipped with the latest information within the cannabis industry.

Doctors of Natural Medicine

Doctors of Natural Medicine cater to medically ill patients who are looking for alternative health care using medical marijuana. The organization was built on the premise of organically produced and administered medicine. You can expect to receive an approved recommendation if you have any of the qualifying medical conditions.

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